Saturday, December 10, 2016

Niki Laudas airline from hackers and stolen – MIRROR ONLINE

“You have hacked into our System and us on the shoulder,” says the formula 1 legend Niki Lauda. His airline, Lauda motion lost due to counterfeit bills, apparently, tens of thousands of euros.

The airline Lauda motion has become the victim of a hacker attack. Here, the Internet would be criminals tens of thousands of euros stolen, said the owner and former formula 1 Star Niki Lauda, the Vienna newspaper “Kurier”.

in China, Russia, and Turkey, suspected perpetrators forced their way, according to the report in the IT System from Lauda motion and forged invoices. “You hacked into our System and us on the shoulder,” said the three-time formula 1 world champion. “At the same time, as the bills went to customers, was sending a second invoice with a different account number. With the note, Lauda motion, the account had changed.”

In one case, landed Lauda, according to 35,000 euros on a Bank account in Istanbul and were quickly withdrawn. A further 38,000 Euro fell to a Bank account in Ireland. Lauda motion have sued the institution in the Irish banking Supervisory return. In a third case, a Referral can be stopped just yet.

Lauda is a Pilot himself and for decades, as an aviation entrepreneur. Lauda motion provides, among other things, business flights and is responsible for companies and private people witness the maintenance of aircraft. Lauda took over the previously under-Amira Air that have migrated to the company until the beginning of the year.

Also the majority of the German data theft

fears of A recent survey by the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers found that nearly three-quarters of the German, to be on the Internet the victim of data thieves to fear. Well, one in five Respondents had experienced, therefore, that his E-Mail address was abused for sending spam mails miss.

one in Twenty had to learn, that of Criminals under his name in the online shops was purchased. Similarly, many Respondents complained that in their name, a fake Account in Facebook or Ebay was created.

Nearly 30 percent of the victims suffered according to the survey, and a financial loss. The can be considerable: on average, it stood at 1366 Euro.


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