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Draghi and the perfect week: Dax climbs to the next year high NEWS

Friday, 09. December 2016

The Dax looks back on the best trading week of the year. Around 6.5 per cent, he can. Also on Friday, a year is high. However, the air is now thinner, even on Wall Street, which remains at a record rate.


“This is the best week of this year,” says n-tv stock market expert Katja Dofel, the Situation on the German stock market, the end of the week. The Dax closed the fifth trading day in a row in the Plus. To three-year highs. The “rich gift of Money from Mario Draghi,” is playing an important role, so Dofel. On Friday, the Dax cracked in addition, the 11.200 mark. “To 11.425 points of space, would now chart technicians say,” explained Dofels colleague Frank Meyer.

The Dax adopted, with a surcharge of 0.2 percent and 10.204 points into the weekend. The daily high marked at 10.232 counters. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the Dax had risen by a total of 6.3 percent. The MDax castle 1.0 percent higher at 21.662 counters. The TecDax rose 1.1 percent to 1753.

the Dax is more attractive

Since the low of the day of 10.403 points last Friday, the Dax managed a rise of around 800 meters. Despite the overbought situation, the mood remain good, it said in the trade. “The Dax is driven by purchase of technical signals”, n-tv stock market expert Meyer. “The year-end rally has ignited in the last second, but still,” said Jochen Stanzl from the Broker CMC Markets. Very positive was, that the market was in Germany, completed the stage of the comparatively poor performance compared with the US stock markets, also said a dealer. Since a few days, he over even better and become more attractive for investors.

“The investors in the Dax are in Rally mode and celebrate an early Christmas. A little bit of air, the Dax was still up,” said Daniel Saurenz of Feingold Research. “In points in the leading index, up to the year spoke at the end of hardly more than 11.400 meter, the longest distance should be completed.” However, he warned: “A potential setback as a response to words of the Fed chair Janet Yellen should not be overlooked.”

Dax: topsy-turvy world

the business of a favorites exchange. In the case of the strong-running titles, from the financial sector, the steel sector and the car industry, some profits were taken. They were all Daimler – on the loser list: BMW and Commerzbank just lost easily. the VW lost about 0.8 percent. For the Deutsche Bank it was, however, around 3 percent down.

Lufthansa lost nearly 1 percent. In the trading the hope of reaching an agreement in the duration of dispute between the company and the pilot Union Cockpit (VC) has been low. Both parties want to resume negotiations in the coming week. Lufthansa had submitted last week after six days of Strike a new deal. “Of course, I hope that in the negotiations, something comes out of this,” said a trader. You could not go out.

Also looked at the investor on the title of the German Post. Here, there was a positive analyst evaluation. So HSBC advises when to buy. “The title of see also chart technically attractive,” commented a trader. the Postshares reacted hardly on it, they closed little changed.

the MDax Gea on the train

Gea climbed almost 3 percent. Reason was also a positive analysts. The market experts of JP Morgan had increased the title to “Overweight”.

TecDax: rates slip at Siltronic

The discount of about 8.5 per cent in the case of Siltronic also expressed to the shares of the main owner Wacker Chemie. He was in the MDax 1.5 percent. According to an Agency report, the talks with a Chinese who is interested in Siltronic had failed.

Europe: imagination at Vivendi

Vivendi-increased share of around 5.5 percent. Orange CEO Stephane Richard had expressed an interest in buying the Pay-TV division Canal Plus, Vivendi. “When Canal Plus tomorrow would be for sale, would deal with Orange is definitely in order,” Richard told reporters. Orange lost about 1 percent.

United States: The Rally nourishes the Rally

The Wall Street remained on Friday tight at a record rate and recorded the longest winning phase since June 2014. The U.S. stock market recorded fifth session in a row, premiums. With a view to the further all-time highs of the Dow-Jones Index, the market-wide S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite traders have already spoken of habituation effects.

had Already been to the past few days constantly reaches new records. The day before, five main indices, which had climbed to an all-time high-even – for the first time, at the same time for over 18 years. Now positive sentiment on the US consumer supported, where the market took some time, though, until he jumped at it. Consumer sentiment had improved in December, more than expected.

The Dow Jones Index climbed 0.7 percent to DM 19,757 points, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite rose by 0.6 and 0.5 percent.

Coca-Cola step to the expected change at the top of the beverage group. James Quincey will take over in may the Post of the Chairman of the Board of Muhtar Kent. The beverage giant is struggling with declining soda market, investors focused on improvement by the new man at the top. The rate went up by 2.5 percent. the General Motors (GM) remained, with a view to the development in earnings in 2017 to be more optimistic than analysts doubted the automotive group. The title climbed to 3.4 percent. the Broadcom climbed to 4.9 percent. The chip manufacturer and Apple supplier, surpassing in its fourth quarter, market expectations, and said it was a strong end to the year with sales at a record level.

raw materials: Slight gains in Oil

Oil prices rose after the period of weakness before a little. With power looked to the participants of the on the weekend, the support of countries within and outside the oil cartel, Opec through a common funding limit contact want. Russia had already signalled its willingness to reduce production. The price of a Barrel of the variety of Brent rose 0.8 percent to 54,33 dollars, while US light oil of the variety WTI rose by 1.3 percent to 51,50 dollars.

However, the Outperformance of the so-called Basic Resources, continued. The prices for copper, zinc and other industrial metals rose more strongly after they had come back late on Thursday, with the strong Dollar. “The rising rates of the European commodity stocks,” said a dealer.

foreign currency: Euro turns

The Euro also tied to the end of the week to his part significant losses of the previous days. The European common currency was traded on Friday evening with 1,0554 dollars. This was a reduction of 0.7 percent on Thursday night. Already in the night, he had fallen briefly below $ 1.06, had caught up again in the area of day-to-day highs of 1,0630 Dollar stabilized before it went in the afternoon and then again significantly down.

On Thursday, the ECB sent the Euro plunging. The Central Bank extended its bond-buying program until at least December 2017. Many experts had expected an extension to September 2017. This weighed on the Euro, which had noted before the decisions are still about $ 1.08. That the Central Bank will reduce monthly bond purchases starting in April 2017 from 80 billion euros to 60 billion euros, played in the foreign exchange market is apparently less of a role.

Asia: Nikkei at year high

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The East Asian equity markets adopted mainly with mark-up in the weekend. The record hunting on Wall Street pushed about the Tokyo stock market: The NikkeiIndex adopted 1.2 percent firmer, trading with 18.996 points – the highest level in a year. The prospect of economic programs of the future US President Donald Trump helped to Win, especially export values. The weaker Yen provided additional support.

The MSCI-an Index of Asian shares outside Japan traded 0.3 percent lower. The Shanghai Composite in turn, graduated to 0.5 per cent higher in the case of 3233 meters. Significantly down, it went to Hong Kong with the HSI, where investors are separated mainly by casino stocks. In South Korea, the political uncertainty slowed down the trading and the benchmark index, the Kospi: 0.3 percent.

In the case of the single values were in particularly high demand, the electronics group, Sony in Tokyo, which grew by 3.3 per cent. the Honda gained more than 1 participate ng.




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