Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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The good news is that at Christmas there will be no strikes at the railway. The bad: the collective conflict is not.

rail passengers Christmas and new year’s eve, there is absolutely no strikes. The Deutsche Bahn and the railway and transport Union EVG concluded their months-long labor dispute. ECG negotiator Regina Rusch-Ziemba said: “The good news for the travellers: We are finished.” Railway personnel Board member Ulrich Weber spoke also of a good message to Christmas for the rail customers. “We went to the limit of what is economically feasible.”

The Plus for more than 140 000 workers will amount to 5.1 per cent in the case of a maturity of more than 24 months. The percentage increase would be effective from April 2017. Until then, there is a one-time payment of 550 euros. Moreover, it is realized from the beginning of 2018 for the first time, a choice model in which workers can choose between 2.6 percent more money, a hour less of work per week (38 instead of 39 hours) or six additional vacation days per year. With the choice of model the ECG draws a tariff increase, which is the smaller of the German train drivers Union (GDL) last year. Now there are but three options: money, fewer hours, or vacation.

Also, with the agreement of the collective conflict is not, however, because the rail is parallel with the GDL in conversation. They will negotiate for train drivers and accompanying staff, and calls for four percent more money. To do this, better working hours and shift arrangements. The railway has estimated the claims at about 20 percent. The GDL, however, has ruled out strikes for this year.

now for train travelers

Faster, more comfortable, to praise their new timetable for the long-distance transport. He, however, brings disadvantages as well. By Markus Balser more …


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