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Acquisition – Monsanto shareholders approve billion acquisition by Bayer Süddeutsche.de


  • 99 percent of all present Monsanto’s shareholders have approved the Acquisition of the group by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer.
  • The approval of the shareholders was to be expected that Bayer will pay you much more money than the stock was last value.
  • the Deal is not Sealed yet: Still authorities around the world have to give their consent.
Kathrin Werner, New York

The billion-Deal to the Takeover of the American Seed company Monsanto Bayer has moved a step closer to: In the case of a shareholders ‘ Assembly voted on Tuesday to 99 percent of the present Monsanto shareholders for the Acquisition by German pharmaceutical and agricultural companies. “We are pleased that we have received such strong support from our shareholders,” said Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant.

Bayer has agreed to pay Monsanto $ 66 billion. If the Takeover succeeds, it is the largest, which was provided by a German group ever abroad. The Monsanto-members of the Board had dismissed Bayer’s offer for months. It was only when the German messengers, in September, significantly more money, the Americans took up the offer.

visit to the Monsanto factory

there is Hardly a group that is so controversial as Monsanto. His laboratory has isolated the Agrarian companies so far. But now the doors are open. By Kathrin Werner more …

128 Euro per share, for a gift

the approval of The Monsanto shareholders is not a Surprise. Although the share price of the group has increased in the past few years, whether the will continue to do so, however, is unclear. Bayer offers shareholders now 128 dollars per share – before it gave in may, the first rumors regarding a takeover bid, the share price stood at not even $ 90. The difference is a gift to the Monsanto shareholders, apparently, is not to be missed, especially since Monsanto’s sales and profits have suffered recently under the low farm prices.

the Deal is not Sealed yet. The Acquisition, subject to approval by the cartel guards in dozens of countries around the world. At least until the end of next year you’ll have to negotiate with divided the groups. The Acquisition should fail because of the Veto of the authorities, must Bayer to pay two billion dollars to Monsanto. Especially the critical agencies in the US, the EU, Brazil, and Russia need to consider whether the combined agricultural group would have makes too big of a market.

Monsanto and Bayer hope that the confirm of supervisors that the companies focus on different markets. Monsanto is especially strong in North America, Bayer in Europe and Asia. In addition, Monsanto sells seed for Maize and soybeans, Bayer plant protection products. Larger Overlaps, there are, among other things, the seed of cotton, and canola.

Also, if you have concerns, the authorities would have failed, but the Acquisition immediately. Bayer could sell the individual parts of the company to clear these out of the way. The takeover process is likely to take at least a year – otherwise, it could merge the companies in a matter of eight months.

Donald Trump could be the Takeover about the dangerous

Bayer and Monsanto have already submitted various permit applications. In the USA, the future President Donald Trump is currently leading to additional uncertainty: He ranted in the election campaign is always the overwhelming Power of some corporations and made from his penchant for protectionism of American companies never a secret. On the other hand, he wants to appoint a very business-friendly Cabinet.

in Spite of the premium on the share price of the Deal was not for all investors. In November, a shareholder had filed a lawsuit against the Takeover in Missouri. According to the financial news service Bloomberg, he accused Monsanto chief Hugh Grant and other Board members of conflicts of interest. You will personally benefit greatly from the merger, and shareholders to withhold information. The day before the annual General meeting, a judge dismissed the lawsuit, however. You could, however, be in the state of Delaware, Monsanto’s legal headquarters, re-submitted.

The Bayer-shareholders do not have to agree to the Takeover. The German stock Corporation law does not provide for this. The Bayer shareholders have reason for concern: The Acquisition will put a strain on the group is financially strong. Since the beginning of the year, the share price has fallen by more than 18 percent, the German Dax index rose in the same period by almost five percent. Monsanto has protectors, it’s also always in Trouble with the environment and ends up in the Image Rankings is always one of the last places. All of the Bayer will have to deal with in the future.

This song expresses the global hatred of Monsanto

The German group, Bayer wants to buy perhaps the most controversial company in the world. Neil Young has buttons Monsanto already. By Bastian Brinkmann more…


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