Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Collective conflict: Bahn and the EVG agreement in the wage dispute – the TIME ONLINE

Deutsche Bahn and the railway and transport Union (EVG) agreed on a collective bargaining agreement. “We have a result,” said the toe. Therefore, about 150,000 Employees of the group receive until the end of 2018 in two steps, a good five percent more wage.

As both sides reported, starting in April of next year, first of all, a surcharge of 2.5 per cent. From January 2018 with a further 2.6 per cent would be. However, the employees should be able to choose whether you want to waive this wage increase to work per week for an hour or less to get a year, six days more holiday. With the choice of model, the electronic ballast achieves a tariff increase, which is in a similar Form to the smaller German train drivers Union (GDL) last year.

The existing collective bargaining contract was expired at the end of September. As a compensation for the months up to the first wage increase, the employees will receive a one-time payment in the amount of 550 Euro.

railway personnel Board member Ulrich Weber spoke of a reasonable degree of collective bargaining. The train went economically to the limits. ECG negotiator Regina Rusch-Ziemba said that one could be happy with the whole package. The choice of model may be a model for other industries.

To the agreed tariff package belong also railway employees can now choose their place of work even if your activity allows for mobile Working. The group will now apply a uniform rule for on-call duties.

The tariff negotiations were interrupted on Friday after a first long night session. On Sunday afternoon, both sides came together again in Berlin. The toe had announced its intention to no later than Monday a degree. She had demanded at the beginning of the negotiations, seven percent more money.

Due to the unification of railway travelers for Christmas and new year’s eve, there is absolutely no strikes. However, the collective labor dispute has not been resolved. The German train drivers Union (GDL) negotiated with the railway. The crew of the train, the are about 35,000 drivers, train conductors and some other employees. The GDL calls for 4.0 percent more content and a more predictable leisure time, such as on another layer of rhythms. Strike wants more the GDL but according to its own figures this year.


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