Tuesday, December 13, 2016

IT glitch at the Postbank: nationwide no Transfers to Postbank … – daily mirror

Who needs wants to transfer to the Terminals, Postbank, money, currently, patience. Due to “a not-yet-fixed error” has disabled the Institute the function until Further notice, nationwide, said a Postbank spokesman for the daily mirror. Since Monday, customers can transfer at the Terminal, no more money. To draw account statements or standing orders set up, at the devices, but still possible. “The colleagues work with high pressure because the disturbance is corrected as quickly as possible,” the spokesman said.

As the reason for the glitch, the Institute has identified at Tuesday morning a Software error. In the course of the day, they wanted to test an Update and then all of the Terminals dubbing. “When this will be, I cannot say at present,” the Postbank spokesman.

customers had already on Sunday

customers do not use online banking, meanwhile, alternatively, Transfers by telephone, abandon or in the store a form on paper and fill it in. Additional costs for the customer arise as a result of which would be reimbursed, as the speaker. In Berlin, customers according to daily mirror had run-information already on Sunday problems, Transfers to the Terminal. A consumer reported that he had tried to devices in two branches, to transfer money, but I always get an error message.

Recently it has in banks again and again IT glitches given, even in the case of the Postbank mother, of Deutsche Bank. In the summer, their customers were able to withdraw, temporarily no money, other Times were displayed bookings wrong. At Comdirect, an IT glitch led to customers with Online Banking, landed in the wrong account and sensitive information of Strangers to see. To blame a faulty Software Update.


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