Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pitfalls of transport policy: Loud freight train hits smart trucks – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

goods belong on the railway, so the Mantra of the transport policy. At the same time, has been done in the past few decades, everything Possible to make this requirement a reality. The freight traffic on the Rail device, therefore, in economic difficulties, above all, of the DB Cargo, the freight subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. It is policy failures that have reduced the chances of the freight trains have priority.

Due to the historic development of the railway network to run most of the rail tracks through the middle of towns and villages, the rail-freight. Sometimes the first stations at the time were in position at the edge of the building, but have been to centres of urban development. The

cars and, in particular, aircraft have been over the years a considerable reduction in your noise increases imposed. The railway was a so-called bonus for the measurement of noise until a short time ago, nor coddled. A major source of noise of freight wagons, brakes are your antediluvian Block, the wheel and Rail roughening. After a long Procrastination will now be funded with tax money, the conversion to new brake pads, exaggerated “whisper brake”. But this is eliminated by 2020 only a source of noise. Fast healing of other sources is impossible.

freight traffic moves to the rearmost point

The trucks as a direct competitor for rail freight is also loud, but quieter than rail freight, and he is not going mainly through the centres of the cities. To the extent that he is in the long-distance transport on the road, he uses cars most car. This pass ever since their introduction to the Weimar period with respect to the settlement centres.

The global flows of goods have the traffic, particularly to and from major seaports to dramatically grow. With the enlargement of the European Union to East Germany, was to transport the cross in all directions. Therefore, retaliates, in particular, that the hell the noise of the freight trains was long an exotic subject. Germany has in the past few decades, railway lines, built at enormous cost, but not for the transport of goods, which moved the noise to the calculation.

Behind this System. Rail routes are created in Germany only, if they are to be taken on priority in the Federal transport infrastructure plan (BVWP). However, the procedure of how the Plan is created, moving the freight to the farthest point. Ultimately, have struggled, as always, only the German regions to each other, who receives the highest “lighthouses for the ICE-transport”.

Move traffic congestion on the Rail?

The most expensive projects of regional interests are prominent: The new ICE railway line from Stuttgart to Ulm with the basement of the Stuttgart main station (Stuttgart 21) and the ICE line Erfurt-Nuremberg, Germany through the Thuringian forest, which is around half of tunnels and Viaducts and after 26 years of planning and construction, will soon operate in each direction, only one ICE per hour, as well as two to three sprint trains per day.


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