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Railway boss and the pit, and Minister of transport Dobrindt trust fahrerlosem DB”Olli” –

Allow: Olli, the little DB-Bus. He’ll be all alone.

Wolfgang Mulke

Official first drive: The driverless Bus “Olli“ rolls with ground-in-chief of the Rüdiger Grube and German transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) über the Euref Campus in Berlin.

the Official first drive: The driverless Bus “Olli” rolls Bahn boss Rüdiger Grube and German transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) on the Euref Campus in Berlin.

photo: Michele Tantussi / Getty Images

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Berlin. Olli is strongly reminiscent of a large gondola, which transports hikers and skiers between the mountain and the valley. Instead, he rolls out Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) and Bahn boss Rüdiger Grube at a leisurely pace around the Euref Campus in Berlin. Olli drives alone, without a driver. “This is the first journey of an Autonomous bus in an open area,” says Dobrindt.

In the coming year, the Autonomous Bus to chauffeur then to tourists in the Bavarian town of Bad behren stream from the station to the Kurhaus. A rogue, who thinks because of a small campaign to help the CSU-Minister. “Autonomous vehicles will revolutionize the mobility market,” enthuses the pit of the prospects, “because customers can use public transport just when you need the offer.” Another test field is opened for the self-propelled Mobile.

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The A9 motorway in Bavaria, speeding along already vehicles in-house. Strange traffic signs were there recently for the confusion. The car drivers, the marker indicator for the navigation systems of Autonomous vehicles were unknown. The railway also has a lot there. Together with the Truck manufacturer MAN, the group developed the technology for the so-called Platooning.

Bahn boss Rüdiger Grube (left) and transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt dared to take a ride with “Olli”.

photo: Michele Tantussi / Getty Images

networking-propelled Transporter and can mount up extremely close to each other. A driver just need to be careful in the first car of the train. In 2018, it will debut in the real traffic. No other company would benefit from Autonomous Driving as the car, which is in many areas of business on the road: trains, without a driver, freight trains, buses and Trucks without a driver.

in many other companies, the digitalization creates a new mood of optimism. The Trend is to Share rather than to arrived Have in the meantime also in the car industry. The major manufacturers want to benefit from the in the cities of widespread networking of different modes of transport. Daimler and BMW are going with their car-sharing daughters DriveNow and Car2Go. VW has called “Moia” – a new corporate brand to life. The company is to grow worldwide, one of the leading mobility service provider.

Autonomous Driving-the trend

Digital technologies, this success fantasies. Because the use of Apps on the Smartphone is changing the mobility behaviour. Customers can be anywhere and easy to retrieve with the small programs, the best Connections, or book.

The Megatrend of Autonomous Driving. The goal of driver-less cars, cars, buses, and especially vans are. When the technology is safe and ready to use, is unclear. The scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute have recently mentioned in a study the year 2030, from robot vehicles, parcels, packages, or food to the recipient in the cities could deliver.

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Daimler is researching self-driving Truck. The technology already works. The driver could employ during your Tour, otherwise, for example, transportation planning, or office work to do. The economic benefits of Autonomous driving: the staff is efficient, or even not used.

“Olli” from the inside: A driver, you will search in vain.

photo: Michele Tantussi / Getty Images

“with A completely different traffic system will be created,” believes the Deutsche Bahn. There’s a lot of room for digital business models, the Information about the booking to the organization and the settlement of mobility services. Overall, the group is up in 2018, one billion euros in the digitalization of. This sum leaves little hope for the chances to guess.

“We have a significant efficiency promise us dough,”

Only a part of the end of Mobile flows for self-driving. In addition, the railway digitized their communication with the passengers and their internal processes. “We are expecting a significant increase in efficiency,” says pit. The train has the best conditions for it to be one of the largest transport providers across all modes. Because in addition to the core businesses of rail transport, the company has established long-even when car-sharing or Bicycle, a supply network rental.

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