Saturday, December 17, 2016

Air-Berlin-Chef Pichler is, according to the media report, the replaced – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Berlin Merkel-Familiar to confirm new Chancellor candidacy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday in the CDU Presidium, their renewed candidacy was announced. Among the passers-by in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, the reactions to the message were shared on Sunday.

20.11.2016, 16:36 PM | politics

exhaust affair VW is shaking in front of Donald Trump

had hoped for A long time now, and VW still the decision on a billion punishment in the exhaust could fall affair under the Obama administration. But then outgoing calls appear to have failed. Now VW is shaking in front of Trump.

11.12.2016, 11:03 PM | business

Berlin Gabriel warns of the reduction of the corporate tax.

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel during the budget debate in Berlin, in front of a massive reduction in corporate taxes in Germany and Europe warned. Priceless tax-cutting promises were dangerous, said the SPD leader.

24.11.2016, 15:58 PM | politics


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