Friday, December 2, 2016

New Website: Nokia officially announces re – entry into the smartphone market

“We are working diligently to Nokia Smartphones with Android,” reads the new Nokia Website. The devices should offer the old Nokia customers are “familiar” reliability and quality. Currently, the Portfolio includes Feature Phones.

Nokia has announced on its Website officially to the re-entry into the smartphone market. In a separate product category “Phones” is mentioned as a date, however, only in 2017. In addition, the company presents, in collaboration with the licensee MHD, the currently available Nokia Feature Phones.

Nokia (image: Nokia)“Elegant simplicity. Familiar Reliability. Durable In Quality. We are opening up new and extraordin ary possibilities for billions of people", – stated on the new Nokia Website. “And we’re just getting started, with new Smartphones in the year 2017″.

interested users also have the option to receive an E-Mail about news to Nokia’s mobile phone business. “We are working diligently to Nokia Smartphones with Android. You register and we will inform you about what’s coming next."

among the listed Feature Phones are devices, which were developed under the leadership of Microsoft. The Nokia 130 and the Nokia 230.

Along with Nokia’s mobile phone division had secured Microsoft 2014 also the rights to the Nokia brand for Smartphones, but only until the end of 2016. From the beginning of 2017, the rights for ten years in the newly founded company HMD Global Oy. In addition, HMD, Microsoft acquired the rights to the Nokia brand for Feature Phones, which had secured the software group 2014 beyond 2016.

in Parallel, Microsoft sold in may be Feature Phone business to the Foxconn, a subsidiary of FIH Mobile Limited. With the purchase of 4500 employees were transferred to FIH. MHD and Nokia announced at the time, to develop mobile phones and Tablets in the future, together with the FIH, and to produce.

MHD are not but only some of Nokia’s original production facilities. Different Manager, who had left Nokia after the sale of phone division to Microsoft, have now returned. Juha Alakarhu, one of the inventors of Nokia’s camera technology, Pure View. The built-in cameras were years an important quality feature of the Nokia Smartphones and, later, the Lumia devices.

To the planned Android Smartphones made MHD, however, is no information. “We believe the time for a renewal of the mobile industry has come. The market is tired and has been flooded with undifferentiated products," said Florian Seiche, President of HMD Global. In the next three years, 500 million dollars will HMD to invest in Marketing and sales of the new Nokia devices. First, Nokia’s new Smartphones could imagine MHD already at the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place at the beginning of January in Las Vegas, or at the end of February on the occasion of the meeting Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

[with Material by Liam Tung]

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