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At the end of the dispute over Kaiser’s Tengelmann many winners – THE WORLD

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Mülheim/Ruhr More than two years after the announcement of the sale of the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann the way for the Takeover by Edeka is finally free.

Rewe will probably withdraw his suit against the Ministerial approval coming soon back, and in return, around half of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores in Berlin and a couple of shops in North Rhine-get-Westphalia and Bavaria. The agreement is a bitter struggle. But in the end, the compromise reached provides for almost everyone Involved benefits.

the Biggest winners are the approximately 15 000 EMPLOYEES of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. You the Minister’s permission assures the Acquisition of a five-year job guarantee. As Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub its sale plans announced in October 2014, was a speech of such a hedge is not yet. Rather, it was expected with the removal of numerous jobs in the administration and logistics of the supermarket chain, as well as with the closure of several loss-making branches. First, the activation of the policy by the application for the Ministerial permit, and the counter-offers of the rival Rewe s gave the Kaiser-Tengelmann employees, and is unusually comprehensive job and site guarantees.

TENGELMANN OWNER HAUB can also be satisfied. The entrepreneur is going to finally be the biggest problem child. The loss-making supermarket chain brought the family company according to own statements since the turn of the Millennium, over 500 million euros in losses. At the same time, the entrepreneur may claim to have with the stubborn Adherence to the chosen path at the end, but the jobs of his employees secured.

EDEKA CEO MARKUS MOSA has not been paid at the end of all the branches, but definitely more than him, the Federal cartel office are actually part wanted. The under the mediation of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder negotiated the compromise ensures that the retail giant access to the lion’s share of the 400 remaining stores of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. Including the particularly attractive business in Munich and upper Bavaria. It was probably the last Chance for the market leader to grow in Germany through acquisitions. Mosa has used. However, the price is high.

REWE CHIEF ALAIN CAPARROS has complained successfully to the negotiating table and to ensure that his company gets a part of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-stores – mainly in the competitive Berlin market. Actually, Rewe would be expected according to the plans of Tengelmann, and Edeka empty.

Federal Minister For economic Affairs SIGMAR GABRIEL (SPD), threatened his involvement in the dispute over Kaiser’s Tengelmann to be the debacle, after the Düsseldorf higher regional court had prohibited the execution of the granted Ministerial approval, provisional. The Minister had given by his behaviour in the proceedings, reason to doubt his neutrality, were the judges. With the impending withdrawal of the complaint, the from the table, and Gabriel can present themselves in time for the election to the Bundestag 2017, as makers, to persist the sellers and the seller.

Also, VERDI CHIEF FRANK BSIRSKE can keep a record of the agreement as a success. Last but not least, his use of it is due to that the brawlers still at the table found. The Union had, however, also lose much. Because Gabriel had written in his Ministerial approval, not only preserving jobs but also the protection of the for the Union of the important works Council structures.

loser of the deal might be CONSUMERS – at least in the regions where Kaiser’s Tengelmann has played a significant role. The Federal cartel office warned in his Veto of the merger with Edeka could impact on Competition and higher prices. Whether the release of some of the stores can prevent Rewe this development.

The COMPETITION authorities the Bundeskartellamt to the monopolies Commission – have suffered injuries. Your concerns about a complete sale of Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Edeka, were finally wiped out by the German Federal Minister of economic Affairs from the table.


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