Thursday, December 1, 2016

Toll for cars: Germany’s neighbors to oppose the toll-compromise – daily mirror

The Netherlands wants to complain against the introduction of a Car toll in Germany. The transport Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen said on Thursday evening in Brussels, the Dutch news Agency ANP. Even if the EU Commission do not agree with the plans, would draw the neighboring countries of Germany before the court. Belgium and Denmark would join possibly the action as well, the Minister said the Agency.

The toll-plans Schultz called worrying. “These Concerns can only be allayed, if the toll is not introduced,” she said.

Austria, criticized the compromise. The discrimination of riders from abroad, was now obscured a bit more, but still there, said Minister of transport Jörg Leichtfried.

the Opposition in Germany has attacked the plans sharp. Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) has defended the toll as fair and equitable.

Left-traffic expert Herbert Behrens said the dpa: “As a stronger, better position of the local drivers to reduce discrimination, you understand, nobody.” Green party leader Anton Hofreiter said the Newspapers of the Funke media group: “If the Federal government does not stop the Dobrindt toll, she stands in a green-mitregierten government high on the return list.” Green party Vice Oliver Krischer complained: “now, If some drivers less, but no one should have to pay more, gives Dobrindt, the country with a toll that will cost the state more than it brings.”

half A billion is in the Fund

The EU Commission had given up after years of dispute, under the condition of multiple Changes to a green light for the passenger Car toll. Accordingly, the domestic car are to be relieved owner continues to full for toll payments. Particularly low-emission cars should get more tax relief than you pay toll on the whole it’s an annual 100 million euros more than previously envisaged. In addition, the prices of the short-term should be designed to rates for drivers from abroad. According to Dobrindt, it should remain in the expected income of the bottom line of EUR 500 million per year through the toll.

EU Commissioner Violeta Bulc had said on Thursday evening after a Meeting with Dobrindt, with the Commitments there were no concerns about discrimination of foreigners. The Commission shall submit to the Berlin proceedings initiated due to infringement of EU law is now on ice. Regardless of EU-member States before the ECJ.

CSU land group chief Gerda Hasselfeldt, welcomed the compromise, with the party keeping an election promise. “First of all, it is the CSU that with the ‘polluter pays’ principle of justice is achieved: All who use our roads, have to pay for it,” she said the “New osnabrück newspaper”.

The motorists club ADAC, has called for increased revenue from a toll would have to be long-term secured and exclusively for the purpose to be invested in the improvement of the infrastructure.

The German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) looks to be still some open questions. So was unclear the extent to which the toll call is actually bring in additional revenue. Legal disputes with neighbouring countries should be avoided. Positive, a stronger discharge of Euro 6 passenger Cars for the road tax. “As a result, additional incentives for an ecologically advantageous fleet renewal.” a (dpa)


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