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+++ Italy-Referendum in the News-Ticker +++: Radierbare pens in polling stations … – FOCUS Online

+++ Italy-Referendum in the News-Ticker +++: Radierbare pens in polling stations? – Government denied

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The Italians are deciding today on an amendment to the Constitution. For the head of government Matteo Renzi, it is a fateful choice: He had made his political future from the output. Renzi has distanced itself from the Statement, but his resignation apply in the case of a “no” is inevitable. Observers fear that he puts up with his Referendum, the political stability of Europe.

in a nutshell: According to the plans, However, to be disempowered in the most far-reaching Reform since the Second world war, among other things, of the Senate, so that legislation can no longer be blocked so easily. With the constant government crises in Italy should be in order then. Opponents fear a loss of Democracy. In a recent poll, only up to two weeks prior to the vote may be – were the opponents of the Reform of seven to ten percentage points in the front.

defending the inside pins to the Ministry: “Are not radierbar”

17.59 PM: The Italian government came Reports contrary to that in the referendum on constitutional reform on Sunday ausradierbare pencils were used. The interior Ministry said in the afternoon to have this year to 130 000 not radierbare pins and 80,000 in the prefectures in the Italian provinces for the Referendum distributed bought. The Italian supplier will refer to the pins of a renowned German manufacturer. However, the prefectures could spend the pins you have from previous years in their Camps.

Romans streams to choose from: turnout much higher than expected

16.49 at: The turnout in Italy’s capital, Rome, until early in the afternoon to be higher than expected. “I’ve already organized a lot of options. So many people I’ve seen so far but really rare even in the morning,” said a helper at a polling station near the Colosseum, FOCUS Online, without mentioning specific Figures.

on the morning the country had been far for a Surprise that about 20 percent of the approximately 47 million living in the country, eligible voters have cast their votes. In some cities, such as Bologna, it was according to Italy, this time to 26 percent. According to the assessment of election campaign volunteers, the level of participation is not least also due to the fact that in the election campaign with a very hard bandages was fought. “In the end, it was not only to recrimination and unprofessional attacks, but really very nice,” says the helper.

The quarter at the Coliseum is traditionally regarded as a left, many had also voted in the last elections for Renzi and his democratic party PD. Some of the election workers, who sympathize even with this storage, type, however, a narrow victory for the ‘no’camp.

Renzi gets in without ID to vote

16.09 PM: special treatment for the head of government? Matteo Renzi himself appeared on Sunday with no identification in his polling station near Florence. “I’ve got a document, I hope, to be recognized,” he said, according to media reports.

“Crazy!” the swirl pens in the Italian election local

14.31 PM: in Trouble, it is local to the pins in some choice. Some voters wrote in social networks that the font of the pins would be easy to erase. The opponents of the reform of the Constitution took advantage of this immediately: “Crazy!!! The first reports come in that the choice of the pins are to be deleted with a simple eraser,” wrote the chief of the right-wing populist Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini, on Facebook.

13.07 PM: Up to 12 o’clock was the turnout, according to official sources at 20 percent

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