Sunday, December 4, 2016

High turnout in Italy

With 57.2 per cent has more than made half of the eligible voters of the Italians so far, the voice for Italian conditions very much. No wonder, because it is, after all, the “mother of all reforms”. And the future of Renzi’s.

The Italian Newspapers today mostly clear choice recommendations. Only on the title page of the Roman newspaper “Il Tempo” you will see a “Si” and “No”- but ticked is the “Boh”, so the Loud, the Italians, the shrug of the shoulders. With a shrug, unsure of many will be to deliver your voice. Like this man in Rome: “I am 56 and think no more of politics, the relationship between the economy and politics and what should be the value of the citizen and of the people.”

Matteo Renzi was already in the morning, in Florence his voice. The Italians decide not only about the greatest constitutional reform since the end of the war, but also about the future of his government. Renzi had said several times that he would resign if the Reform fails. In his last major speech on Friday made no mention of it, however. Renzi stressed that This Reform was important for the future of Italy. “This Reform is not only the’ Yes ‘ to the draft, the all over the years to be essential. It is the ‘ Yes ‘ to the Dignity of the institutions. The back gives politicians credibility. And that means that our children don’t have to wait for another 20 years, like we do.”

The second chamber, the Senate, should be deprived of power so that decisions and reforms happen faster. Renzi would have more Power. Even if he had emphasized in his Speeches, it’s not going to be him: The Opposition, a wide field from the right to the left edge, made the vote Si or No on the government and the Prime Minister. Even Silvio Berlusconi, whose political career has passed its Zenith a long time, even in the form of a choice recommendation: “you have to choose to go, in order to prevent Renzi, the Lord is in Italy. You all need to convince, to go, to tell a solid, strong, responsible, no.”


Whether the impressed a lot of voters? After all, the uncertainty before the election, seems to have once again increased. Opinion researchers say the number of don’t know which shortly before the election date, rather larger than to be smaller. But they are also Convinced, as these older voters in Rome: “personally, I voted with Conviction in favour of it. I am very convinced. For ethical reasons, and besides, I’m from far away come to my will to Express. Many will not agree. But patience,” he advises.

Many voters know that in Italy, some things have to change. However, not all this is the realization that leads to approval for the Reform, on the contrary: “I’d like anything to change. So it goes no further. The money is not enough. The pensioners are dying of Hunger and we help the grandchildren. In my opinion the ‘ no ‘ wins,” says an older woman.

Simple majority vote

The Italians have the word. Overall, nearly 51 million are eligible to vote. Around 1.6 million Italians abroad gave their vote. For the decision, the turnout is irrelevant, it is enough the simple majority.

The polls are open until 23 o’clock – with a result is expected early Monday morning. The Referendum on the constitutional reform, which has divided Italy deeply – and so will it be in the morning, a matter of opinion whether the result is a good one or a bad one for Italy.

the daily show reported On this issue on the 04. December 2016 to 12:00.


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