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Cadets in the use of: Swiss shopping tourists clogging up the roads … – FOCUS Online

cadets in the use of: Swiss shopping tourists clog the roads – now of Konstanz

Sunday, 04.12.2016, 12:07

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The Swiss point of view, cheap Euro attracts many confederates to shop across the border. The retail sector is happy, but the cities have to cope with the increased traffic now.

From the shower gel up to the food line: The Swiss continue to buy in the adjacent, more favourable in Baden-Württemberg. 2015 had been issued at the main customs offices in Singing and Lörrach, a total of 17.6 million Export receipts, said the chief Executive of the chamber of industry and Commerce Hochrhein-Bodensee, Claudius Marx. “I assume that we will maintain this level.” In 2011 there were still 11 million Export – list- since then, the number has risen by more than 50 percent. “The need to consolidate a bit,” said Marx. “But it stabilised at a high level.”

can have notes With the so-called “Green” Non-EU citizen the VAT refund, you have paid on your purchases in Germany – regardless of the amount of the purchase. Especially for Swiss the is attractive – in addition to the already often lower prices in Germany. The result is long traffic jams and full inner cities in the border regions.

Flyer warned

The city of Constance had drawn in 2014 and the consequences of clogged roads: they blocked one of the three border crossings permanently for cars. There is also currently no plans to re-suspend, a spokesman said. The main reason for the safety lock. In Konstanz, among other things, a variety of shopping tourists from Switzerland and the neighbouring German cities had taken care of at times for as much traffic that rescue workers hardly came through.

The visitors were, for instance via the Flyer in advance and asked to come by bike, Bus, train or ship to Konstanz, says the managing Director of city marketing Constance, Eric Thiel. In addition, on the advent Saturdays, the cadets were in use, in order to direct the flows of traffic.

“We are a neighborhood store”

From the shopping desire of the Swiss to all industries benefited, virtually on the German side, said Marx. In the Ranking of the demand for Shampoos and shower gels have replaced, in the meantime, but the food at the top. “Drugstore products are immensely in demand,” said Marx. “This is also the number of drugstores in the Region.” The drugstore chain ” dm ” is called, for example, alone for Constance already has four stores, a fifth may soon follow.

“We are a neighborhood store,” said Marx. The Swiss don’t come to Germany, to buy something Special. “But it is permanently and constantly, even for small purchases.” This neighborhood store function – the bun-to go across the border to get rich up to about 20 kilometers to the Swiss domestic. “But in those days, tourists come from Lucerne.”

“you may expect”

said The traders in the border cities and municipalities hoped a good Christmas business, which the Swiss buy force: “With whom you must reckon, too,” Marx. In many places in the shopping tourism, but it is an intense challenge – for example, the traffic needed to be directed and sufficient Parking space is provided, said Marx. “This is a small limited bit of the whole story and is perhaps one of the reasons that the trees do not grow to the sky. In many places, nothing is easy, in fact.”

This Hotel has no roof, no toilet, no walls – and is still

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