Saturday, December 17, 2016

In spite of Brexit British presidency in important EU body –

in Spite of their decision for a EU-exit, the British want to have a say in the tax policy of the Union in the future is crucial. According to information of the “mirror” you strive to be the chair of the working group on the code of conduct the Council of the European Union, the controls on harmful tax competition in the member States.

For the influential Post, you have Mike Williams, a career official from the British Ministry of Finance, in position.

British against black list

The nomination for the other member countries of resistance, because the British block since the Brexit decision important progress in the fight against tax havens.

When you create a black list of suspect tax havens prevent, so far successful, that a tax rate of zero, as the EU proposed by the Commission, as a suspicion criterion.

Several of the British overseas territories – including Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands – to attract tax-savers from all over the world.

Unwelcome developments stop

The British are demanding that the EU Commission, but solely the EU countries for the negotiations with the tax havens are responsible. So, the calculus is able to stop, with their national right of veto in tax matters, for you are unwelcome developments.


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