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Interest rates: in 2017, the year in which the interest rate is-Hopper – MIRROR ONLINE

With forecasts, I consider myself normally, I don’t have a crystal ball. But here I dare. 2017 will be the year of the interest-Hopper. As we will see in the coming months with new offers from banks with better interest rates, without that, the Trend is overall upward.

How do I get it? U.S. Central Bank President Janet Yellen announced this week for the next twelve months, up to three interest-rate steps (to the top). Be rewarded in such a Situation, mostly those who are willing to switch more often. Money market accounts with high interest rate from the throw in this Phase, probably more than with money.

Currently, savers in Germany in 1900 billion euros, on a day-due accounts and get often, no interest or only 0.01 percent. Who is a little active today versechzigfachen already loose the interest income of his daily allowance (0.6 percent), or even multiple verhundert. 1 per cent interest will bring 100 times as much interest as 0.01 percent. 100,000 Euro investment in three years, around 3000 euros richer.

In contrast to the Mantra that online-only banks can pay regular interest, my personal interest-top of the list, the PSD Bank Niederbayern-Oberpfalz. The cooperative Bank pays for a reasonable sum to the money market account (up to 10,000 Euro) for months of constant one percent interest. Some of the daughters of Dutch-Grand banks for months at the front and pay is currently between 0.5 and 0.6 percent.

My projected interest rate-and you can watch it in Parts now. The consors Bank guarantees on the money since this week, re-1 per cent – the first time for six months. The work done by the subsidiary of the French Bank BNP Paribas to a few months ago, then had reduced the interest rates to 0.6 percent. The Volkswagen Bank and Audi Bank to use the good group’s rating, to more days to collect money and promise even 1.1 percent per year for the first four months.

At the other end of the interest rates for knew money on 24 or 36 months last the only way is down. Of 1.4 per cent in October to 1.2 percent for 36 months today (British Close Brothers) and only 1.1 percent for 24 months.

This is not to say, the best secure banks in Europe pay for 24 months that is currently now even more interest than the VW-Bank, with its action in the days money. On the feast of money, you does not approach, however, 24 months or 36 months, the days of money, you can bounce after four months “”.

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of Course, there are elsewhere in Europe, more interest – for example, in the case of rather unknown banks in countries such as Croatia, Bulgaria or Malta. Anyone looking for the highest possible security, is not getting into this adventure but probably. Because the EU Deposit guarantee works in accordance with uniform rules; each EU member state is responsible for ensuring that the depositors get their money if the Bank runs out of air.

What does all this mean for you as a saver?

the Well, on which type you are. The agile interest-Hopper, every four to six months of logs loose at a new Bank. Or the easy saver, which holds the 0.0-percent offers from many banks for blatantly and the best safe festive looking for money: at Least one percent should be to be mad-earned money on it then but already. That’s enough to him then in case of doubt, for the next 36 months.

we Can convenient savings and interest-Hopper once in three years to compete against each other:

Hopper is the fixed Deposit account and collects the money in a money market account. Mind you: This is not a long-term investment. Investments for the next ten years do not belong there, but in other forms of investment. You act tough and determined. Are you looking for the best interest in a safe Bank, and you get your money when the nearest Bank offers an interest rate action new customers. The longer the interest rate guarantee, the better.

we Take the simple case with only one interest rate step-up: If in six months the interest rates for three-year fixed should be increased money back to 1.5 percent and from a percent of interest-bearing money market account 90.500 euros there, redeploy (500 Euro interest there was in the first half of the year, 10,000 euros to stay for all the events on the money market account), you can look forward to the remaining 30 months over approximately 3935 Euro interest rates. Add to 252 Euro, you get 30 months for the 10,000 Euro on the money market account – a total of almost 4200 euros in interest.

we Remain, however, in the days of money and expect further increases in interest rates and action rates in the following months, maybe even 4400 Euro or more from 4200 euros in interest. The interest rate for hard money, however, but more on a percentage, they end up with a maximum of 3030 Euro interest rates.

The convenient savers leaves only two month’s income on the money market account, a maximum of 10,000 Euro. A percent is a good interest rate. You’d be in this for the next three years, would the 303 Euro interest rates.

Put the Rest of your money, you want to have in the foreseeable future available, on the currently best available safe Deposit account. And make a note of the date for the re-investment. 90,000 euros to 1.2 percent in the next 36 months, together with day-to-day money interest rate 3583 Euro.

The result is: 3583 Euro or € 4,200 in the case of rising interest rates! If the crystal ball is right, the interest-Hopper strategy in the front. Less time for other things in life. It’s your choice!

note: you need to take advantage of the savings amount, at the best of the partner. Otherwise you can pay on the few interest, taxes.


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