Saturday, December 17, 2016

Social services: Gabriel children calls for money-reduction for EU-foreigners – Handelsblatt

Sigmar Gabriel,

The SPD chief criticized the Ministry of Finance.

(photo: AFP)

Berlin, SPD chief Sigmar Gabriel has, in certain cases, a reduction in the child benefit for EU-foreigners is required. If the children are not living in Germany, but in their homeland, “should also be the children of money on the level of the country, paid off,” said Gabriel, the Newspapers of the Funke media group on Saturday. Freedom of movement should not be abused, in social systems to immigrate.

Gabriel is waiting, according to its own representation “for months” that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) to submit a proposal for such a reduction in the child benefit. There is in some of the large cities of Germany, “whole streets with scrap real estate”, in which migrants only stayed because they were for her children, who lived in Germany, kids money to the German level.

The Federal Finance Ministry rejected the criticism and pointed to the European legal situation. “The EU Commission has presented last week an Initiative that the children should not be adjusted in the European Union, the price level in the country of residence of the child,” said a spokesman. The Ministry regret the decision and be tested, “what are the possibilities for the European law, however, a Change to”.

The EU Commission points out that within the European Union, less than one percent of the benefits for children of a member state of flow to another. Gabriel said in an Interview with the spark-Newspapers: “There are in Europe, immigration rights in the work, but there is no right to immigration into social systems without work.”

record immigration to Germany: population grows so strong as since the reunification

The Chairman of the CSU land group in the Bundestag, Gerda Hasselfeldt, told the Berliner “Tagesspiegel”, that your party is a foreigner does not call for a long time, a reduction in the child benefit for the EU, if their children live in Germany. If the SPD chief einschwenke on this course, was the “good and necessary”.

criticism came from the Greens. Party leader Simone Peter said the “daily mirror”, Gabriel intended to do “in the mood against immigrants, apparently, is not behind the Union’s back, the pass with your party tags a decision to double the election of the right to vote has opened”. The Deputy Chairman of the left group in the Bundestag, Sabine Zimmermann, called it “indecent” to solve the Problem of the lack of social standards “on the backs of the children”.

Gabriel also called for decisive action by the Federal government against a new tax-cutting competition among EU-countries and threatened indirectly with a Veto at the EU budget negotiations. Some EU countries such as Hungary wanted cuts, just tax more and more attractive for companies, said Gabriel. “If this was Europe, then it all goes wrong.”

“The people at us do not understand that they have to Finance with their taxes funding for countries in the EU, some of which was then this money in your company to reduce taxes and the shifting of our jobs run – there, where wages and tax rates are lower,” said Gabriel. The Federal Minister of economy, called for “the urgent need for more tax justice in Europe”.

in addition, the EU should also strengthen the social pillar, called Gabriel. “Same wages for the same work in the same place – for this principle need to be changed, the internal market rules.”


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