Friday, December 16, 2016

Dispute with owners and authorities: US judge increases pressure on Volkswagen NEWS

Saturday, 17. December 2016

At a hearing in the United States, the judge acknowledges that VW has achieved in the dispute with the authorities progress – but no solution yet. The next mandatory event for the Wolfsburg-based lawyers is already waiting at the Assembly.

after months of negotiations, to present the Volkswagen group in the exhaust gas affair in the US is no agreement in the case of larger diesel engines. The competent judge Charles Breyer has shown after a hearing in San Francisco on Friday once again optimistic about a solution to the dispute between VW and US authorities as well as car buyers. There is a “substantial progress had been achieved” in the negotiations.

Breyer was increased but the pressure to get to the 80,000 affected vehicles with manipulated 3-litre diesel engines from the road. On Monday, the lawyers should give it to him again for information about the status of the negotiations.

VW is instructed to move the cars with the group subsidiary Audi developed engines in a compliant state, either through technical re-equipment or the buy-back and disposal. In the case of the smaller 2-litre machines VW had already a comparison, which could cost the group up to 16.5 billion US dollars (15.8 billion euros).

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The scandal of the world about eleven million vehicles with manipulated test values for emissions of nitrogen oxides was in September of 2015, first in the United States blown. This Volkswagen plunged into a deep crisis, brought on Ex-Chairman of the Board Martin Winterkorn to the case and led to billion-provisions.

After an agreement for the smaller 2.0-Liter was found, drives in the United States in the summer, from a solution for the 3.0-litre Diesel. These motors are stuck, not only in Audi-luxury models, but also in expensive SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg.




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