Friday, December 16, 2016

Volkswagen needs to improve for comparison, in the case of large engines in the USA – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Cut where it goes Audi intensified austerity measures

The diesel affair is expensive. Therefore, the Volkswagen-brand saves, where it will go. In the coming year, the spectacular fair-pavilion of the IAA. More By Henning Peitsmeier, Munich

15.12.2016, 20:06 PM | business

Out of gears and motors, Futuristic Christmas tree in Estonia

a Christmas tree in the unusual kind of stands In the Estonian town of Rakvere: The 13-metre-high Structure is composed of gears and motors, and is intended to represent the Interior of a chronograph. Last year, an Installation consisting of around 120 stained glass Windows adorned the market square.

29.11.2016, 17:20 PM | company

Agenda Merkel consults with Tsipras not only about refugees

Merkel consults with Tsipras on refugees and a programme for reform. The Bundestag is concerned with the protection of refugees from Afghanistan. The Mini-tax cut takes the last hurdle. A judge calls for a solution for the 3.0-litre diesel car in the VW scandal.

16.12.2016, 07:28 PM | business

exhaust affair VW is shaking in front of Donald Trump

had hoped for A long time now, and VW still the decision on a billion punishment in the exhaust could fall affair under the Obama administration. But then outgoing calls appear to have failed. Now VW is shaking in front of Trump.

11.12.2016, 11:03 PM | business


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