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Autonomous Driving: I want to make with Mini-Bus “Olli” On competition – daily mirror

The car service Uber could be Rüdiger Grube actually couldn’t care less, one would think. What is the rail group has been feared, Deutsche Bahn, the U.S. company, the cuts in the transport industry and robot Taxis tests? A Lot Of It. As the Railways extended their value chain, in a sense, on the road, such as mine offer every opportunity explained. Thus, the rail monopoly will one day probably competitors of Uber & Co. – of the analog and, increasingly, in the digital world.

On Friday demonstrated pit on the side of the Federal Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) on the Euref-Campus in Berlin-Schöneberg, as the track presents their future beyond the Track: it is called “Olli” and is an autonomously moving van without the steering Wheel and the driver.

The American Start-up Local Motors has developed a robot-Bus wanted to leave the rail in 2017, between the Euref site, and your flagship station Südkreuz commute. A manageable, one and a half kilometres long track. A permit for that there was not, however. The practice test is to take place, therefore, now in the Bavarian Spa town of Bad Birnbach, such as pit and Dobrindt announced. Olli, was called on Friday, to then commute between the station and the Kurhaus.

railway customers can also cars and bikes

rent a shot, at Least, the small round, the pit, and Dobrindt, on Friday, on the Euref Campus, was already free time of the accident. Their Vision: train-travelers can book cars in the future via a Smartphone App (DB Navigator), Olli, or any other self-driving, you can bring home from the train station, or from A to B.

today you can rent via the web-App cars (Flinkster) or bicycles (Call a bike) to get from the front door to the train and back. With an electric taxi (Clever-Shuttle), which co-financed the railway, is now in Berlin, Munich and Leipzig. Public transport use, if you need the range – the way it formulated the railway. Rüdiger Grube, 2017 is also acting chief technology officer of path, speaks of the “On-demand mobility”, a “new large market for individual public mobility”, IOEV.

a test driver. Bahn CEO Rüdiger Grube (left) and transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU), the Autonomous AFP

In Berlin, are sample trips with Olli only on the semi-public Euref-Campus. In the coming months, should there be an Autonomous bus operation is simulated. The railway celebrates this as a “German Premiere”, on the way, Olli, however, is already longer. Employees of the research centre InnoZ, the railway is testing the Bus together, to the benefit of the self-propelled mobile now in everyday life.

“With our test, we want to demonstrate that we can combine our extensive Know-how already today, with new technologies,” said pit. The path-breaking “in a new world”. “We are not a pure rail company more,” said pit. Rail and road together were in the future even more closely. Autonomous Driving, as he had learned in Silicon Valley, will come faster than thought in the area but slower than expected to prevail.

A permit for the streets of Berlin, there is (yet)

The train should be according to the will of the owner the “transport of Gigabit society”, as transport Minister Dobrindt said. The Autonomous minibus stand “in the Tradition of the Deutsche Bahn and its digitization strategy”. This document also painted in the ICE-Look. “This is not a coincidence,” said Dobrindt. “The quality seal will be developed further.”

Ollis intelligence comes from the IBM Super-Computer Watson that can understand human language and to analyze and independently able to draw information from data, and draw conclusions from them. Olli is associated with Watson’s wireless, the mainframe is located in Frankfurt am Main. 30 Sensors, cameras and lasers collect the Olli-data, which Watson converted into control commands for the driverless Minibus. “Take me to the station” – this sentence is a train-customers should lead in the future, the accident-free target.

Provided, of the German legislator the necessary framework conditions. If Olli gets an approval for Berlin’s streets, could not say the track on Friday. Finland, Switzerland and the USA. There Autonomous buses are allowed to carry on some regular roads passengers.

The train will roll out in 2017 in other areas as pilot projects in the public space – for example, with Truck convoys (Platooning), which tested the rail-freight forwarding, DB Schenker together with the Truck manufacturer. “In 2018, a Truck should be-Platoon on the digital test field highway on the A9 between Munich and Nuremberg on the way,” said the railway. Then, Autonomous Trucks are supposed to do at the Nuremberg premises of DB Schenker.


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