Friday, October 14, 2016

Under the threat of punishment: the U.S. authorities Note 7 ban on flights – NEWS

Saturday, 15. October 2016

The decision comes after the events of the past few days unexpectedly, but the full extent of the Note 7-disaster for Samsung: The Smartphone is now available in aircraft in the United States as a “hazardous Material” is prohibited.

Because of the risk of fire in the new Top-Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 Samsung the US authorities to ban the device on all flights in the United States. By emergency Ordinance be it passengers as of Saturday noon (local time) are no longer allowed to carry the devices informed, the US Department of transportation.

Also available in bags or suitcases to be banned in the Transport of the mobile phones in air transport. In case of violations passengers or the Smartphones seized punished.

Samsung has taken the Smartphone on Tuesday due to fire danger permanently from the market. Already in September was the first battery fire was initiated a worldwide exchange of action. Recently, several supposedly secure replacement devices, infrastructure, and fire. One of them was sparked last week in a plane in the United States, as the owner eliminated it shortly before the Start. The still at the Gate the machine was cleared.

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for over a month was allowed in airplanes, no touch-7-Smartphones use, charging or in checked baggage. It was, however, allowed to have them turned off in the cabin. The authorities were aware that the will be completely ready to ban some of the passengers inconvenience, said U.S. Secretary of transportation Anthony Foxx. “But the safety of all on Board an aircraft must have priority.” A fire in the air bring a lot of life is in danger.




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