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Decline in sales: this is The worst year for Apple since 2001, THE WORLD

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losses in the case of Apple: sales fell compared to the same period last year by nine percent to 46.9 billion dollars.

  • In the fourth quarter, Apple sold 45.5 million iPhones, the sales comparison numbers declined in the year by five percent.
  • revenues decreased by eight percent, to 215,6 million dollars. Profit for the year was eight percent lower.

Mit the iPhone 7 will stop Apple in the Christmas business since the beginning of the year continued descent. The consolidated financial forecast for the current quarter of the year with a turnover of between 76 and 78 billion dollars (69,78 up 71,62 billion euros). In the prior-year quarter, Apple came on revenue of EUR 75.9 billion dollars.

In the last quarter of the year with the launch of the iPhone 7, the descent went even further. Revenue fell year-on-year nine per cent to 46,85 billion dollars, as Apple announced after U.S. market close on Tuesday. The profit fell in the end of September completed in the fourth quarter of approximately 19 percent to nine billion dollars. The traders were not impressed: shares of Apple lost after hours of 2.70 percent.

Apple sold in the last quarter of 45.5 million iPhones – five percent less than a year ago. Thus, the decrease compared to the previous quarters, slowed down. The iPhone sales, however, fell more significantly, by 13 percent to 28,16 billion dollars. This should make the cheaper model iPhone SE noticeable. In the current quarter, the average selling price one of iPhones is expected to rise within three months from 595 to 619 dollars.

Apple’s cash reserves grow

The new iPhone 7 exceed the demand for the available supply, especially in the larger Plus model, said CEO Tim Cook in a telephone conference after the submission of the Figures. The could also stay at the end of the Christmas business, he said.

The just-completed fiscal year is the first since 2001, Apple ended with a decline in sales. The revenues fell 7.7 percent to 215,64 billion dollars. Profit for the year fell by 14 percent to nearly 45.7 billion dollars.

this is The iPhone 7

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source: The world

The cash reserves of Apple, rose, meanwhile, on 237,6 billion dollars – $ 6.1 billion more than a year ago. 91 percent of the store outside of the United States. U.S. companies bring in foreign profits not scored often to the home country, because tax payments of 35 per cent be due. In the case of Apple, the EU Commission estimated a few weeks ago the tax arrangements of the group in Ireland unauthorized aid. You want Apple nachzahlt more than 13 billion dollars in Ireland. Apple wants to pull against it in court.

When sales of the iPad Tablets went on the decline in the last quarter, there was a decrease of six percent on 9,27 million devices. Thanks to the more expensive models of the iPad-Pro-series sales remained stable at 4.25 billion dollars.

In the case of the Mac computers went down in sales just before the expected update of the model range of 14 percent to about 4,89 million units.

The Service business of the group in the face of declining Hardware revenues and a stronger focus, grew by almost a quarter at 6.32 billion dollars. This includes revenue from the Streaming service Apple Music, the sale of Apps or storage space in the iCloud.

In the area of “other products,” broke in the turnover of 22 percent to 2.37 billion dollars. This is likely to be a consequence of the decline in Sales for the Apple Watch. According to calculations by market researchers, sales of the watch broke within a year, from 3.9 to 1.1 million units – most recently, Apple released a new Version on the market. The group self-proclaimed as yet no sales figures for the Watch.

In China, a major driver of business in the last years revenue fell last quarter by 30 percent to $ 8.8 billion.


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