Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Billion comparison, in the VW diesel scandal : The agreement is not enough – business week

The path is free for the greatest comparison of the car’s history: U.S. judge Breyer has given its final approval to a billion settlement with U.S. plaintiffs. The scandal is not stood so for a long time.

Yes, VW can breathe. For the time being. With the final blessing of U.S. judge Charles Breyer Volkswagen boss Matthias Müller is able to put an end to the gas scandal. But not the great line. Rather, it is a kind of in-between sum. With 14.7 billion dollars, very high.

It was only a small step, finally, judge Breyer had indicated previously its consent. It was, however, a very important step, because the Mega-comparison of Wolfsburg saves a process – a long time of uncertainty and possibly higher costs are introduced.

Whether the 14.7 billion dollars – the highest level of redress paid by a car manufacturer ever in the United States – is only appropriate, too high or too low. The fact is that Other car makers are for Offences that are directly related to accidents resulting in death in connection, with a significantly milder punishments of that to come. But the fact is: No company has so brazenly cheated, and cheated like Volkswagen.

A US judge allowed VW to settle its legal disputes with diesel owners and auto dealers in the form of a comparison. The group could cost up to 16.5 billion dollars.

VW is alone operated, therefore, to Deal with the good, because in order to the main front of calm. The sum is now fixed and far away from the existence of a criminal threatening payments that could not be brought to the beginning of the scandal through the world. Also want to imagine in Wolfsburg, probably none, and what influence had further revelations on the sum – and some of them threaten the group.

The list of complaints is long.

for example, is a complaint against an engineer, who was involved in the development of the cheat Software. Before a court in Detroit, James L. had pleaded guilty – he now wants to cooperate with the authorities. What Details are known yet, is not yet in sight. The U.S. lawyers who want to demonstrate various Connections between Volkswagen and daughters Audi and Porsche, as well as the automotive suppliers, Bosch is likely to be.

With the consent of Breyer VW-Chef Müller and his US-Governor Hinrich is a point Woebcken swipe on your list. Many other points are still open – and that can be in the amount of tax.

The billion-penance for VW at a Glance

  • What exactly is the VW stuck?

    The group has negotiated with U.S. plaintiffs for a comparison. Therefore, VW must spend almost 15 billion dollars for different things: for an environmental Fund and the promotion of emission-free cars. By far the largest part will flow to customers in the United States of a manipulated VW or Audi.

  • How high is the compensation for US customers?

    The pure compensation for car owners between the 5100 and almost $ 10,000 per vehicle. It depends on how old the car is. In addition, the group must offer the customers their cars back to buy. The Diesel owners want to get as much money as your car was prior to the manipulation value.

  • Will be available in the USA recall, as in Germany?

    Yes and no. Generally, U.S. customers will have to purchase a choice: Either call back with a repair or return, so the return will be. These variants are not available in Germany and Europe to choose from. The recall has begun in this country already and in the next few weeks to continue the journey, so that at the end of the year, all 2.5 million of Diesel in Germany improved. In the USA VW has until may 2018, and technical repair solutions the authorities approve. This applies as significantly trickier.

  • What is the meaning of a decision in the United States for German customers?

    Probably not much. Volkswagen has repeatedly stressed that compensation as in the United States come in Europe and also in Germany, out of the question. CEO Matthias Müller himself has ruled it out several times. Consumer advocates criticize that customers will get in the United States. Some law firms have set the goal for the affected car owners in Europe, riding in damages. The prospects of success are due to the different legal systems, and uncertain.

  • Is the exhaust-affair for VW were to a solution?

    no. For one, do not need to connect all of the plaintiffs in the United States to a settlement proposal and are able to individually sue more. Also, three U.S. States have now entered into litigation. On the other VW has to cope with outside of the US many procedures. In Germany, customers are also calling for compensation or buybacks. Courts have ruled in the first instances differently. In addition, numerous VW feel-shareholders of the group late of the manipulations informed. You want to exchange losses reimbursed.

With the VW dealers, who felt betrayed by the group and where the damage to Reputation and the Diesel-sale stop lost revenue, has agreed a VW on a comparison of 1.2 billion dollars. Judge Breyer has not approved, provisionally, is sealed the Deal but still: In January it goes to court.

The VW lawyers will see Breyer, but much earlier. On 3. November must submit to the group’s specific plans for the recall of around 80,000 diesel cars with the 3.0-litre Diesel – 14,7-billion-Deal only applies to 475,000 cars with 2.0-Liter engine.

VW has announced that from the group point of view, a simple Update is sufficient, so that the cars conform to the US law. Breyer does not agree with this view, it could be even more expensive, with The big V6 Diesel is fitted in cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg. A buyback as in the case of the 2.0-litre models would be much more expensive. In the media, already low billion is speculated sums.


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