Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Billion comparison, in the USA: VW in the management of exhaust gas scandal in big … – daily mirror

A US judge has approved the multibillion-dollar comparison for the benefit of the owners of diesel vehicles to permanently and Volkswagen in the management of his exhaust scandal, a big step forward. The group spoke on Tuesday of an “important milestone on our way to put things in the USA back in order.”

compared With the committed Volkswagen to the payment of 14.7 billion dollars (13.4 billion Euro). Added to this are expected to be approximately $ 330 million in attorney’s fees paid by the group to the plaintiffs.

It is the highest compensation, paid by a car manufacturer ever in the United States. The wolf Burger, the Mega-sum, however, wrest, since a process would have brought a long time of uncertainty and possibly higher costs.

Federal judge Charles Breyer evaluated the Volkswagen with Consumer advocates and US regulatory authorities negotiated agreement as “fair, reasonable and appropriate”. As a justification for his approval, he led, among other things, the strong support of, the would have found the redress schemes already among the affected customers.

311.000 U.S. consumers for compensation to be registered

This is a “factor that speak strongly for the consent”, even if a small minority of concerned consumers, the regulations do not go far enough, Breyer in the written statement of the reasons for his decision. Until the end of September 311,000 US had according to his information, already consumer for the compensation register

a Total of around car to 490,000 owner or Keeper of a Diesel with Two-Liter engine, the regulations from the comparison. Ten billion dollars are determined from the comparison, the remaining billions will flow in the fight against air pollution, as well as in the support of emission-free vehicles.

consumers may sell their car back, or, in the case of a Leasing contract free of charge returned. Alternatively, you can leave your car free of charge to refit. In addition, compensation will be paid of up to $ 10,000.

The group wants to ensure that the program for the affected U.S. customers “will be implemented smoothly as possible,” announced the Volkswagen-chief in the USA, Hinrich Woebcken,. The compensation arrangements will come into force immediately.

More lawsuits in the USA

it is much more generous than in Germany and in Europe, where the group plans to only conversions of around eight million affected cars. Compensation, however, are not planned. This is criticized among others by the European Commission violently.

the comparison is not focused on the legal trouble for Volkswagen in the USA but a long way off. The agreement, which also affected around 85,000 vehicles with Three-Liter engine.

For this luxury models will Breyer of the group up to 3. November practical solution proposals help to get presented. Volkswagen has made the prospect of the wrong measurements in the case of this car by means of a relatively simple Revision of the Software fix.

Because of the scandal are in the USA and Volkswagen in addition, several Federal States as well as criminal investigations of Department of justice actions pending. a (AFP)


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