Thursday, October 27, 2016

In spite of many problems, Deutsche Bank profit creates surprisingly – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Deutsche Bank scored in the third quarter, in spite of their conversion, and various legal disputes, surprisingly, a profit. Pre-tax profit amounted to 619 million euros, after taxes of EUR 278 million, as Germany’s biggest money house announced on Thursday. By Reuters surveyed analysts had expected, however, because of the ongoing renovation of a net loss of 600 million euros. Although Contaminated again expressed on the balance sheet, the Bank increased its provisions for litigation slightly to 5.9 (at the end of June: 5,5) million euros. However, day-to-day business proved robust, the income in the group rose even slightly. Especially the im portant value of paper trade delivery.

the renovation of The Deutsche Bank regularly leads to large fluctuations in the results: in the second quarter of this year, the group had kept under the bar just barely in the black. In the third quarter of 2015 – the first under CEO John Cryan had depreciation led to a loss of six billion euros.

Chairman of the Board John Cryan acknowledged that the semi-paralyzes the end of American mortgage dispute with the Bank: “This has led to uncertainty. The Bank works hard to this matter as soon as possible." The trust the customer has already suffered In the institutional and private wealth management, you withdrew last billion.

The Bank of England (BoE) has called the “Financial Times”, according to the great British money houses, your commitment of Deutsche Bank to disclose. Also about your Connections to Italian banks and credit institutions to provide information.

reported the newspaper without mentioning the source, it was the request of the BoE-regulatory authority in the past weeks. At that time, the stock prices of the Deutsche Bank and the Italian Monte Paschi fell sharply, because investors were concerned about the capitalization of the two banks.

The Bank of England would not comment on the report. Of the two money houses, no opinions were to receive.

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Deutsche Bank faces a possible fine of 14 billion dollars of the American Ministry of justice for the abuse of mortgages. Analysts complain that the Bank is a long-term business model is missing.

On Thursday, it was reported that Deutsche Bank is pulling out of Mexico, and their subsidiaries, “Deutsche Bank Mexico and Deutsche Securities” to the Mexican Investa Bank sold. The purchase price was not called.

The Investa Bank is created in 2014 from the Mexico business of the Royal Bank of Scotland. “With the sale, we will implement the 2020 strategy more consistently and make the Bank less complex,” said Deutsche Bank Director Karl tube. International business and capital markets business in Mexico would in future be managed from other locations.

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In Mexico, the Deutsche Bank in 1957 had opened a first branch. The money house had announced in the past year, with some countries in Latin America like Chile, Peru and Uruguay to withdraw. Just two months ago, she had found a buyer for its subsidiary in Argentina.


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