Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Canada hopes to Wake up from the CETA-nightmare – tagesschau.de

“We wish you all the best,” says Canada’s trade Minister, Freeland to the difficult EU-internal negotiations on the free trade agreement CETA. “We have done our job.” The greater the frustration is on the canadian side.

The tone of voice annoyed, the lips narrow, the patience is almost exhausted. Canada’s trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland refuses but the more brave, the last hope for a trade agreement between Canada and the European Union. If Europe is able to at 27. October the trade agreement to sign, then Canada is the place.

in plain text: Premier Justin Trudeau and the Minister of Trade want to travel to Belgium and continue to hope that what is happening currently in the EU from a canadian point of view, a nightmare – exactly: just a bad dream.

“I hope you don’t get it yet”

CETA is dead. Europe work hard and we wish the Europeans for all that is Good. “I hope to do that yet,” says Freeland. With “the” says the audibly frustrated trade Minister, an agreement, the agreement was from the canadian point of view, the best trade, which had negotiated the EU ever.

Since 2009, had advised the two partners about the CETA agreement, the two sides should, through the removal of tariffs and the guarantee of uniform Standards, significant economic benefits.

“at The moment, is the Ball in the field of the EU. Council President Tusk has said, you work hard. The the EU should do,” said Freeland. The canadian Minister as well as Premier Trudeau, apparently deeply frustrated by the fact that a Belgian regional Parliament, can override, in this case, the Walloon region, an entire agreement between the EU and Canada. But you will remain; “Canada is ready to be signed. We have done our job. Now, Europe is asking, The Europeans have said, at all levels, they worked hard to create it. We wish you all the best,” said Freeland.

Previously had called President of the Council, Tusk, in view of the confused situation and the signals from Wallonia to any Ultimatum to bend all parties to find a solution. Still time for it, so Tusk. But the clock is ticking.

Canada sees EU trade policy in question

While proponents hope that through CETA, the EU economic performance of a year of twelve billion euros could be increased and new jobs are created, fear the critics, that the CETA will help to strengthen only the rights of international corporations. In Canada, one sees no longer, meanwhile, only the CETA agreement, but in the case of failure, Europe’s reputation as a negotiating partner on the game: “If Europe, this trade agreements, especially with Canada, the same values, not sign, then the European trade policy provides the overall question,” says Freeland.

Not a coincidence, incidentally, that the trade Minister mentioned on the occasion, that Canada had only just started with China’s first exploratory talks about a trade agreement, and until a few weeks ago, an Indian Delegation also on the topic of trade agreements to host in Ottawa. Canada’s government, usually with great patience, blessed, is reached in the case of CETA, apparently, almost at the end of their patience.


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