Monday, October 31, 2016

Pension contribution is apparently still stable for longer – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The pension contribution is likely to be stable for longer than expected. The “image”newspaper reported. Accordingly, the contribution rate in 2022 is to be increased from the current 18.7 percent to 18.8 percent. According to the report, the Federal government most recently expected to increase in 2021 to more than 19 percent. Due to the increase in employment.

In the case of the pension positions in the coming weeks, crucial soft. For this Monday, social Affairs Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) has to give to the conclusion of the deliberations of your pension dialogue with associations, trade unions, Labour and skilled politicians loaded. To top representatives of the organizations come together in social Ministry. For the beginning of November with a top lap of the coalition in addition to the pension planned. In mid-November Nahles intends to present a total concept. The Central line is for you in the future pension level.

Nahles contradicts Barley

labour Minister Andrea Nahles has also made it clear that they are abolishing the pension contribution ceiling for high-income earners declines. You against a proposal of the SPD-Secretary-General, Katarina Barley. “The proposal exacerbates the Problem,” said Nahles on Sunday in the ARD. Who abolishes the contribution ceiling, increasing the revenue of the pension Fund. Thus, the claims of the contributors but increased later at the time of retirement. “Who pays more, must get out more.” They wanted to contribute to higher incomes, that it should rather increase the tax subsidy for the pension Fund. The level of pensions should not be on the slide, on the other, the contributions are not likely to shoot up, said the SPD politician.

The coalition government is currently consulting on retirement reforms, which could still be in this legislature to be implemented. At the same time, want to equip the parties, but also with new concepts for the election campaign. The core of the problem remains the aging of the society, so that fewer young people must Finance more and more Elderly pension.

BDA: “not Responsible and not short-sighted” actions

The CDU remains in the German trade Union Federation (DGB) in the conversation, even if there is no quick approach emerges. In the case of the Tuesday’s scheduled high-level meeting, the employee representatives do not expect an agreement, such as a DGB spokesperson said. “We expect a constructive conversation.” The appointment was to meet a longer agreed-upon work.

act of The Confederation of German employers ‘ associations (BDA) warned, “be responsible and not short-sighted”. “Panic-mongering and ever-new demands for additional load of the contributors are irresponsible. Who saddles only to the contributors on it, forcing the entire pension in the knee,” said BDA chief Executive, Steffen Kampeter, the Newspapers of the Funke media group.

in-progress within the Union?

The CDU Federal Executive Board and the DGB-top meetings regularly for exchange. At the beginning of October, the party Bureau and DGB were to come under the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the DGB chief Reiner Hoffmann. This Tuesday, Merkel will not be there. According to the CDU, among other things, group chief Volker Kauder.

it was Unclear at the weekend whether there are within the Union’s progress in the struggle for the pension. The results of a high-level meeting of the CDU and the CSU, nothing was known. The CDU and the SPD are pushing the Chancellor to the CSU call for an Expansion of the mothers ‘ pension funds from the pension Fund to fend off. The CSU insists on equal treatment of the older with the younger mothers get per child three earnings points for the pension, the older people get currently two.

More about

Nahles, a minimum limit to the level of pensions for 2045 wants to contributions. The Ostrenten should be raised to the Western level, the appreciation of the average lower Ostlöhne the pension is to be eliminated. By law, occupational pension schemes will get a new boost. Small pensions should probably be upgraded.

on The topic of Ostrenten said SPD Deputy Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel, the “business week”, the Union attempts behind the provision in the coalition agreement to fall back. “I can’t. I expect Loyalty to the coalition agreement.” CDU Presidium member Jens Spahn, warned against a “outdoing the competition” with the SPD. The billions that would now put into the shop window, sustainable Finance, he said the Newspapers of the editorial network in Germany. In addition, his party must stop “fanning the flames of pension panic,” said Spahn. It is more than five times as many children in Germany are affected by poverty as pensioners.


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