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U.S. Senate, Timer-Warner wants to purchase through AT&T check –

The telecommunications company AT&T wants to buy the media conglomerate Time Warner for approximately $ 85 billion. To the extent that the Plan that the U.S. Senate could thwart. Because the Congress-the chamber of senses concerns serious Competition.

The US Senate is to consider the proposed Acquisition of Time Warner by AT&T carefully. The 85 billion Dollar projects could give rise to serious competition concerns, said the Chairman of the competent Committee of the Congress chamber. The telecommunications giant AT&T had announced on Saturday evening, the group-Time Warner, including HBO and CNN, as well as movie Studio Warner Bros, buy it.

The competition authorities must approve the transaction. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson expressed confidence in the potential concerns of the regulatory authorities to address it. The Deal should come to pass, he would be the largest in the world this year.

content and dissemination from a single source

The telecommunications giant AT&T has so far mainly networks for mobile phones and the Internet. Now he wants to buy Time Warner is also a content producer. The AT&T the equivalent of almost € 80 billion in value.

In financial circles, was already been speculated that Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes his company could make the sale. Include Time Warner the broadcaster CNN, as well as the Film and series channel HBO, which produces, among other things, the award-winning series “Game of Thrones”. In addition, AT&T complement in the future, the movie Studio Warner Bros.

“company perfect”

chief should be the Chairman of the Board of AT&T, Randall Stephenson,. The two companies complemented each other perfectly, he explained. With the Deal, the telecommunications companies have in the future about “the world’s best Premium content, and the networks to deliver them to every screen, whenever the customers want”.

two years Ago, had already recognized the competitor 21st Century Fox from the Empire of media magnate Rupert Murdoch to a Takeover, but finally gave up. Time Warner had to beat an offer of $ 85 per share. AT&T now wants to pay 107,50 $ per share.

the business of TV and film content

the planned Acquisition encounters AT&T with his mobile radio and satellite TV business and Internet services into business with TV and film content. Thus, the Telecom group follows a trend in the industry: The telecoms companies are looking for new, stable sources of money, and exclusive content for their networks because the revenues are in the classical core business is under pressure. But, the broadcasters are under pressure as more and more viewers watch movies and TV shows over the Internet. Thus, the cable provider Comcast bought in the USA in the year 2011, the company NBC Universal with the same-named NBC network and the Universal film Studio. The telecommunications group Verizon has also taken over the Internet-the core business of Yahoo.

AT&T, the second largest mobile phone provider in the United States and the third-largest cable television provider in the country. The merger with Time Warner is subject to the approval of the US competition authority. A decision is not expected until next year. The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, announced He, as President, would reject the merger.

the daily show reported On this issue on may 23. October, 2016 03:48 PM.


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