Friday, October 28, 2016

As Oettinger about the Chinese and the “mandatory gay marriage” was

network activists breathed on: The controversial EU digital Commissioner Oettinger will switch resort in the Household. Just posted User old Anti-Oettinger-jokes, and a topical Video. Therein Oettinger about the Chinese kids, gay marriage, and more.

With the Internet, Günther Oettinger, has never actually on the good foot he is EU Commissioner for the Digital economy. However, with the community of net activists, he was regularly in the Clinch. In the case of net neutrality, copyright, performance protection rights: Everywhere you are, the Stuttgart-born too close to the companies that want to online earn money and to far away from the Ideal of open and unlimited Internet for all. A man from the analogue age to the digital Revolution: The not fit easy for you.

sigh in the network

As is known now, that Oettinger, the new EU budget Commissioner, was a sigh of relief through the network. Many shared the times fast image from Oettinger, with a slate seat Virtual-Reality glasses, the long-time favorite among the Anti-Oettinger-Joke in the network.

But then also, apparently, current video clip below, the entries in the Social media: Oettinger in Hamburg, interfered more and more frequently, in a speech in October. As he describes his love for the printed newspaper and complains a little old-fashioned: “in the past, all of them had a newspaper to Hand. Today, I’m not the Only one. The Other: heads down Display, online on-the-go.”

A case of racism?

Typical Oettinger, the old offliners, the tone of many comments. But the Video goes on and Oettinger’s language is more direct. The topic of the future of Europe’s digital Commissioner warns of the political weakening of the EU. And gives an example: “last week, the Chinese Minister, at the annual summit of China-EU’. Nine men, a party. No democracy, no women’s quota, not a woman.” And he adds: “All: suit, single-breasted, dark blue, all the hair from left to right with black Shoe Polish combed.”

For the YouTube user “Sebas Travelling”, loaded the Video, this is a case of racism. In the comment field of the video he writes that Oettinger had previously already referred to Chinese as “chinks”, which is why he also filmed the Rest of the speech with his cell phone. The offensive word is not heard on the recording.

former Chancellor Schröder: No longer a woman – but time

As the sequence of the clips on YouTube show that had Oettinger, however, say still more. Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, for example, have Yes now is the time to be a mediator in the case of Tengelmann, Kaiser’s. He supported the gas Pipeline “Nord Stream 2″ will not eventually built, and the woman he ran away – in reference to schröder’s separation from his wife, Doris.

Union colleagues, your fat get away. CSU chief Horst Seehofer is “a Populist light” because he would call the mothers ‘ pension – the labour Minister Andrea Nahles probably with the pension starting at 62 will reply, Oettinger said. Then the pension age of 61, 60, he will recommend to his son: “don’t Do the G8, or G9 – mach G15. After long study and then whoosh into retirement, without a day in the world of work.”

“Soon made with the compulsory gay marriage”

Oettinger clear: What is to be made, especially in Germany, in politics, a lot of that doesn’t fit him, Of the pension, “which is but to come” up to the toll. “Soon, even with the mandatory gay marriage, when it is introduced. The German agenda is sufficient to my expectation of German responsibility in any Form.”

Probably very good that the German EU Commissioner could soon get a new Job in Brussels. If the Digital Commissioner of this Internet Video, not a career-a stone in the way. Despite repeated demand of the ARD radio broadcasting in Brussels, the office of Günther Oettinger did not comment on the Video in the evening.


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