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Borgward BX-7 (2017): presentation –

— 21.10.2016

Borgward returns to the country of Bremen. Starting in 2017, the SUV BX is to be built-7 in Bremerhaven, Germany. The CAR IMAGE has all the info on the BX-7.

Jnow it is: Borgward is coming back to Bremen. How Radio Bremen reported, is planning to produce an Assembly plant in Bremerhaven. With regard to the size of the manufacturing facility, the automaker at the Porsche factory in Leipzig. Officially Borgward denied the message, but 26 next Wednesday (. October 2016) new information out of it. It is planned, the China-made vehicle mounting parts, in Germany, to the finished car. The first new model is the SUV BX-7.

Video: Borgward BX7 TS (IAA 2015)

the cult of the brand: Comeback with SUV

BX 7 is a classic SUV that carries on the large grille, the slightly modernized Rhombus of the resurrected brand with a long tradition. Stressed a high belt line, the company name in big letters on the rear hips, the designers wanted to build a Retro car, but the basic ideas of company founder Carl F. W. Borgward in the present time to transport – good technical solutions and a contemporary Design. The ambitions of the company are high: around the World in the medium term, more than 500,000 cars sold in the coming years, several new models come out on the market. Borgward is in Bremen, the birthplace of the brand, based in Stuttgart – at the same address as the German branch of the Chinese Foton group. The brand Borgward and, apparently, the money, the tradition of the brand now wants to return. Stuttgart is also the headquarters it is because important suppliers sitting in the neighborhood. And in fact, the developers have to be familiar with the new BX 7 components of well- known manufacturers. The SUV will be first with a 224-horsepower two-liter turbo petrol velvet all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive system with electronically controlled multi-plate clutch, for example, by the supplier, BorgWarner, and can turn off the rear-wheel-drive completely and, if necessary, quick as a flash, to activate.

a Plug-in Hybrid planned

is Also a Plug planned:-in-Hybrid. To have a system output of 401 HP and a pure electric range of 55 kilometers. On the front axle, a two-liter turbo add drives, four – cylinder, a seven – stage double clutch transmission of the Borgward, the rear axle turns about an intelligent all-wheel drive unit, if necessary-and for the hybrid drive is an electric motor.

The “X” in the name of the new Borgward model for the all-wheel drive in the new SUV.

For occupant protection, the “Protect”System, which offers, in addition to the traditional security features such as a high-strength body structure and airbag systems, a number of assistance systems. So, for example, a Collision warning, a brake assist with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and a 360-degree are found in the BX 7-all-round camera. Innovation-addressed, Borgward, especially on the inner values: “innovation is mainly in the area of Connectivity. In ten years it will be used instead of the classic facelift, only Updates,” says Ulrich Walker, CEO and President of Borgward. The infotainment system has a 12.3-inch main screen, offers Smartphone access, as well as a Wi-Fi Hotspot. To the services of other manufacturers in the so-called “service agent” is reminiscent: With the push of a button, the driver of the BX can accommodate 7 to contact a call center, the a, for example, Hotels, Bay, or tickets to the theatre organise d. An SOS button allows you to specially trained staff organise appropriate assistance.

The TS-variant promises more sportiness

Borgward promises also for the interior high-quality equipment by materials such as nappa leather, contrast stitching and good workmanship. The boot capacity is, depending on the seat configuration (Five-, Six – or seven-seater) and a maximum of 1344 liters. Also, the traditionally sporty abbreviation “TS” is reactivate Borgward: In this variant of the BX 7 comes with chrome, alloy wheels, brushed aluminum and large air intakes in the front bumpers. Nappa leather sports seats with Borgward rhombus stitching, sports steering wheel and pedals as well as aluminum in the interior to spice up the SUV. In addition to this sporty Top model in the launch of a further three equipment lines are planned. The cost is likely to be tempting: AUTO Bild reckons with a starting price of 26,000 euros.


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