Saturday, October 22, 2016

EU launches Ceta-rescue attempt, but fails prompt THE WORLD

Bis least had tried to, the European Commission and the canadian government to make the EU trade agreement a success. Now Ceta stands in front of the Failure. The canadian trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland from finished on Friday contrite negotiations with the government of the Belgian Region of Wallonia and traveled from Brussels.

you can see currently no Chance for the free trade agreement Ceta with Canada. “It seems obvious, for me and for Canada, the European Union is currently not in the position to conclude an international agreement” with a country like Canada, she said. You will now return to Canada.

For the EU this is a hard blow, regardless of whether it means the final end Of the agreement or not.

In the past few days, had warned leading politicians, but in view of the continuing criticism of the already-negotiated agreement prior to a loss of credibility in Europe. He’ll “Worry”, said the EU summit President is Donald Tusk.

The shock is especially great because Canada is as a country, you don’t need to be afraid of in the European Union. Europe and Canada share many similarities. The canadian government had shown itself to be open for renegotiations. A high-ranking EU Diplomat once praised, the Canadians are more European than some European government.

The canadian negotiator Freeland reacts stunned

And therefore can not understand it, the government in Ottawa, and why your counter fails in Europe, such massive distrust. To be “friendly” and had shown “patience,” says Freeland. And yet, opponents of the free trade agreement with Trojan horses, which are intended to illustrate that here is a danger demonstrate. There is a danger of Canada.

The canadian negotiator Freeland reacts, stunned. In the past few weeks, she has tried a lot in order to advertise for trust. They also accepted negotiations on a legally binding Protocol, in which the concerns of the SPD should be removed. You also said Romania and Bulgaria to complete the visa obligation for their citizens.

“Canada is disappointed,”

in The end, however, threatens to fail the Ceta on the resistance of a small Belgian Region with 3.5 million inhabitants. The consent of the Walloon Region is, according to Belgian constitutional law is necessary so that the government can bring in Brussels, an international agreement on the way. However, the regional government in Namur blocked up to the breakdown of negotiations. Chrystia Freeland respond personally affected. She swallows and pauses, as they know that they will end the negotiations.

“over the past few months we have worked very hard with the European Commission and with many countries,” she says. “Canada has really worked, and I personally have worked very hard.” She continues: “Canada is disappointed, I am personally very disappointed. But I think it is impossible. We have decided to return home and I’m really very, very sad. This is a very emotional issue for me. And the only good thing I can mention is, that tomorrow I will be with my three children."

Man goes to the gallows humor

For the European Union, this is a shock. At the summit, some heads of state had meetings and heads of government is still responding with anger to the Blockade of Belgium. You had been taken hostage in the small of the Walloon region, said Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite. Delegation members were also surprised to find out that Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel won in the ongoing negotiations with the Walloons. Also, gallows humor was heard. “I must say, I’m amazed that we can conclude with Vietnam, a trade agreement. It is known worldwide, which is a democratic country, Vietnam, as you can hear but nothing," said EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, with a certain irony. “In Canada, this rule of right-wing dictatorship, are all concerned about human rights. This turns things on their head."

Long ago, the European Union discussed about the consequences of the Ceta Disaster. “In Europe, we have the need to lead a fundamental debate about the future of trade policy,” said Federal Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern (SPÖ) already before the breakdown of talks after an EU summit in Brussels. The problems were “the last evidence that the no longer go on like this”. He called for due to public opposition to Ceta, to start the negotiations on the transatlantic trade agreement with the United States is completely new. He is, in particular, to a new negotiating mandate for TTIP. “So, how TTIP is present today, is a consent from my side is impossible,” said the Austrian.

EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger disagrees vehemently. “The negotiating mandate for TTIP is well,” said the CDU politician of the “world”. “It includes culture and areas of General interest. A new mandate or for the suspension of negotiations would not improve, but only the helplessness in the face of the prevailing populism documented."

Whether the departure of Freeland really means the end of Ceta, was early on a Friday evening is not clear. The European Commission has confirmed that the talks were stopped with the government of Wallonia. Nevertheless, it was argued, to strive to continue the agreement. “The European Commission does not see but as the end of the process, the way for the signing of the trade agreement between the European Union and Canada.”

late On Friday evening tweeted the EU Parliament President Martin Schulz that he was going to come together on Saturday morning with Freeland, and then with the head of government of the Belgian Region of Wallonia, Paul Magnette,. The aim was to bring the discussion back on track. A spokesman for the free country, said he could not confirm the Meeting, the Minister to consider, however, continue to be in Brussels.

Unclear remains, first of all, if as hoped, the EU-Canada summit is held, which is supposed to take place next Thursday. At this Meeting, which, as expected, also the canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was scheduled the ceremonial signing of the agreement. But Trudeau had already announced that he will only come when the agreement was negotiated, really.

The Greens in the European Parliament, to cancel the summit. “Thousands of people in the European Union went against Ceta on the road, in order to bring the unfair trade agreement,” said Ska Keller, the trade policy spokesperson of the Green group. “The heads of state and government should stop the pressure on the Walloon government and the EU-Canada summit to cancel.”

And thus the optimism is threatening to die, the peaks of the European Union have recently picked up. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had expressed on Friday hope to be able to the agreement to bring success. Also the French head of state François Hollande had expressed, in spite of the rejection of Ceta by the südbelgische Region, Wallonia, full of hope. “I think it is possible to find a compromise, and Canada is taking all the necessary efforts.” However, Canada loses again, the patience. Now, on Friday, the case.


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