Saturday, October 22, 2016

Conflict VW-renovation of a majority of shareholders support the VW brand chief Diess –

home game: Herbert Diess, The chief of the Volkswagen brand.


home: Herbert Diess, head of the Volkswagen brand.

In continuous conflict with the works Council, VW-Car-in-chief Herbert Diess backing from the Supervisory Board. “We will support Mr Diess to the best of our ability,” said Wolfgang Porsche, The magazine “der Spiegel”. More than half of the VW-shares controlled by the family Porsche/Piëch.

Diess was recently of the own workforce on a Assembly booed; the powerful works Council chief Bernd Osterloh is the opposite of the brand boss is skeptical. Employee representatives and Management rings currently, as a result of the exhaust gas scandal to the public the Details of a stringent austerity programme.

With a view to the recent E-car idea said Porsche: “It is impressive what has made Volkswagen such a short period of time on the legs.” At the same time, he stressed that the Volkswagen brand had to be more efficient “and profitable”.

Porsche and his Cousin Hans Michel Piëch use of the double interview to be a clear distinction between company and family Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, the VW for decades, as Chairman of the management Board and Supervisory Board chief, had dominated. They did not want to represent the families in the company as Piëch, who resigned last year as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. “We are different, and we understand our task as the representative of the families,” stressed Hans Michel Piëch. They would not interfere into the operational business, he added. “Our most important task is to find the right people for leadership, and allow you to then do your work.” About Porsche SE and the Porsche and Piëch families hold 52 percent of Volkswagen.

support was given to Ferdinand Piëchs successor as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Hans Dieter Pötsch. “We have great confidence in Mr. Pötsch,” said Hans Michel Piëch. You should have made the “always a good experience when we have put people from the company in leading positions”. Pötsch was previously, VW’s chief financial officer.

critics point to the fact that Pötsch was already part of the power circle, as the scandal of manipulated diesel vehicles values in the millions of diesel became known internally. Criticism of the handling of the affair. Pötsch rejects the allegations.

understanding shown by the members of the Supervisory Board for the criticism of high bonus payments for the Top managers, in spite of the diesel scandal. “To me, it would have been best, would have been omitted, for the Moment, on flexible Compensation elements”, an acknowledged Porsche. And Piëch added: “For the external effect, it would have been better if the Board had waived once.” However, the bonus claim of the management Board members is governed by contract. “The regulations are not tailored to a case such as the diesel affair,” said Piëch. VW is currently working on a Reform of the bonus system.

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