Friday, October 28, 2016

EU: Schwabe, the EU budget Commissioner – TIME ONLINE

Brussels/Berlin (dpa) – Not only the famous “Swabian housewife” can deal with money, Günther Oettinger, will be the said to have. Before the CDU-politicians went to Brussels, he was considered in his time as Prime Minister in Stuttgart as a savings Commissioner.

Because he managed in 2008, something it to the Federal government and many other countries envied at the time: After 36 years, he was in the state of Baden-Württemberg for the first time, the black Zero in the budget.

However, due to various UPS and downs of the financial and economic expert 2011 upstairs – to the Post of EU energy Commissioner. After the stage Digital Oettinger is now to be the Supreme householder of the Commission.

The lawyer was always fakes as a “Swabian Kalashnikov”, because he produces in his Idiom sayings on the Assembly line. However, he shoots it more often. An example of this? In a panel discussion at the beginning of the year, he says about the AfD Boss: “If the comic Petry would be my wife, I’d shoot myself tonight.” On the Internet Oettinger reaps prompt a Shitstorm.

Sometimes he speaks but also with the stark words what others only think: The British Prime Minister David Cameron have driven in front of the Brexit vote of a “Shitty campaign”, says the Commissioner was very undiplomatic.

Oettinger has gained in the years as energy Commissioner in Brussels-respect. In Brussels as well as in Germany, he is on evening receptions from the world of politics and Economics is a sought-after speaker – almost as a Commissioner in clear text. The father of a son had been mocked from the beginning: In Brussels, he initially fell by idiosyncratic English (“In my homeland Baden-Württemberg we are all sitting in one boat”).

The exchange on the Portfolio of digital economy in 2014 was regarded as a descent. Especially because he is a “digital native” is not just a native of the digital world. Nevertheless, he worked deep in the rather unusual field. Recently, he presented a proposal for an EU-performance protection law, to strengthen the Position of the European publishers against the Google’s of this world.

most Recently, he had to raise but the white Flag. After a public Outcry EU cashed Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker, in his proposal for the partial abolition of Roaming charges. Because actually, the Extra should Send fees for mobile phone Calls, Surfing and SMS-other countries in the EU will be abolished.

Nevertheless, Oettinger is next to the EU Parliament President, Martin Schulz of the most important German in Brussels – and who knows how long Schulz is still on his Post. Oettinger’s relationship to CDU leader and Chancellor Angela Merkel is considered to be due to grow, she has sent him, finally, back to Brussels. However, Oettinger had retracted before a poor Federal election result. And then the affair would be cut by Oettinger at the loved one from his CV was there: He had the former Nazi Navy judge, Ex-Prime Minister Hans Filbinger (CDU), in a Eulogy to the Nazi opponent declared.

Now, therefore, the budget Commissioner In Berlin, his involvement as Co-head of the federalism Commission II in memory. Hardly anyone had him and SPD Faction leader Peter Struck trust at the time a little bit, but they managed, the debt brake in the basic law. What is sometimes forgotten in the balance sheet for the financial experts: of all places he had to record before his departure from Baden-Württemberg, record debt: In the Doppeletat 2010/2011 EUR 4.5 billion were new loans.


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