Saturday, October 29, 2016

Renewable energy: Elon Musk unveils Solar-brick – TIME ONLINE

solar energy – Tesla-in-chief, Solar roof tiles before Solar roof tiles can make according to Elon Musk, soon conventional solar panels superfluous. The first roofs with Solar tiles are to be built in the summer. © photo: James Glover/Reuters

Tesla chief Elon Musk wants to produce electric cars and the house batteries are now Solar tiles. “This is, in a way, the built-in future,” said Musk pans at the launch of the new roof. “People think we’re an electric-car company, but we want to accelerate the advancement of sustainable energy,” said Musk.

Conventional Solar Panel would brick with the Solar superfluous, said Musk on the site of the Universal Studios Theme Park near Los Angeles. The brick should also allow for better insulation than conventional roofs in the United States. The first such Solar-roofs should be built in the summer.

Musk, the majority of the electric car pioneer has wants to take on Tesla, as well as the solar company, SolarCity, Tesla for $ 2.6 billion. The Deal is controversial, because some experts of the promised synergies are not convinced.

Musk went again on Friday for the merger of the two companies. Otherwise, it would be to implement the market introduction of new solar roofs are difficult, he said. The vote on the purchase is for the 17. November planned. Tesla had recently announced the first profit in three years.


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