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Ceta: The Wallonia disgraced the EU as it is now continues – MIRROR ONLINE

a few days ago, the dispute over Ceta, like so many, had other EU conflicts: basically, everyone agrees, just in the last Minute to try and still Single, a few presses of the benefits out. But in the end, you will agree.

So similar to that of the EU-Commission, Brussels diplomats and the Federal government were received, it would also run with the blockade of Wallonia against Ceta. But they were wrong: The südbelgische Region, blocked the trade agreement with Canada and the EU, perhaps the biggest debacle in the history of their foreign trade threatens policy.

Although the EU Council President, Donald Tusk, held on Monday evening in optimism: The signing of Ceta, the EU-Canada summit on Thursday “still possible,” said Tusk after a meeting with the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The summit should be cancelled but that would be the embarrassment of the EU completely.

The critics of globalisation of Campact welcomed the development: “brave no” out of Wallonia “is a service to the future of Europe”, the concern of the Walloon government, the heads of Paul Magnette “the concerns of millions of citizens of Europe”.

Bernd Lange, Chairman of the trade Committee in the European Parliament, speaks of a “further step towards the destruction of the EU”. The SPD politician criticises the behaviour of his party friends in Wallonia, where the parliamentary majority and the government. “The ability of the social compromise constitutes the core of the EU,” so Long. “Some no longer seem to be able to make such compromises.”

in Addition, it is currently only to the provisional application of those parts of Ceta, which fall within the competence of the EU. About everything that the member States are responsible to their parliaments – and hence also the Wallonia – vote anyway in the coming months. “With their Blockade already at the present time to undermine the Walloons, the European project,” says Long.

Failure of Ceta is considered unlikely

The EU is now between two questions: What about Ceta? And what will be the trade policy as a whole?

“Ceta is not dead,” said Manfred Weber (CSU), head of the EPP group in the European Parliament. “Internal power games in Belgium are not allowed to block the EU.” In fact, a Failure of the Ceta is considered to be rather unlikely. Because the governments of all 28 EU member States stand behind Ceta. Keep the agreement for the most advanced and best the EU has ever negotiated.

Even the Walloon socialists and Democrats underline that they are, in principle, for a deepening of trade with Canada. Also the head of government Magnette looks at many of its demands are already fulfilled. “However, he has in his fundamental opposition to the Ceta is so deeply buried that it is difficult for him, there without loss of face to come out again,” said the Belgian Green MEP Philippe Lamberts. Magnette had to get larger concessions than the previous-interpret the additional declarations of the EU Commission. However, both Canada and the EU Commission to reject it, the entire Ceta package to reopen.

SPD-politician noted that the Walloons, even under the massive pressure of the past few days have not moved. “In the medium term, they will not do it.” And until then, the patience of Canada could go to the end. If Ceta still has a Chance, is likely to depend on the discussions of the next days and weeks, in particular of those in Belgium.

what is next for EU trade policy?

The Ceta dispute also raises questions about the future of the EU trade policy as a whole. The basic problem: trade policy is an EU competence, but agreement, which engage in the responsibilities of the member States, must also be approved. “We now need to answer the question of whether we want a community trade policy,” says Long. “And, if so, whether it is responsible for you also as a community.”

This means: Either the national States transfer more powers to the EU, but the EU includes only agreements that fall within their competences. Everything else would then have to negotiate each of the 28 member States individually with the corresponding countries.

The result of a tremendous bureaucratic effort with uncertain chances of success would be – because of the attractiveness and the influence of the EU in international negotiations are based just to the fact that it represents a unified economic area with 500 million inhabitants. According to horrified the British, seeing the spat to Ceta because you could be next, the wish to conclude a trade agreement with the EU.

The question is, at present, many in Brussels, If the EU can conclude with Canada, no trade contract, – how are you supposed to come and then only with the United States, let alone business with China?

Summary: The Ceta Blockade of the Walloons, the EU is a disgrace of the first rank, she loses part of its credibility in international trade policy. If the agreement with Canada still has a Chance, and as it trade policy with the EU, is currently unclear.


Ceta-Veto of the Walloons

The Belgian Region of Wallonia has stopped the free-trade agreement Ceta between the EU and Canada, on a provisional basis. How can you find it?


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