Thursday, October 27, 2016

Strike at Eurowings: Around 380 out of the 500 flights from fall –

The all-day strike of cabin staff of Eurowings and Germanwings has started. The strike hits tens of thousands of passengers Around 380 of the regular 500 flights were cancelled – especially on intra-German Connections.

On the Morning of the 24-hour strike at Lufthansa’s budget airline eurowings officially. The cabin Union Ufo called on its members in the part of companies, eurowings GmbH and the larger Germanwings to the strike affected all of the larger German airports, with the exception of Frankfurt and Munich. Of the usually 500 flights and about 380, said the Euro wings.

Affected it is expected that more than 50,000 passengers. You have to adjust to failures, especially on German domestic flights, but as the special flight schedule of the Airline, it is also Europe’s disabilities. Long-haul flights will go on as planned.

Failed collective bargaining

the reason for the day-long strike failed collective bargaining for part-time regulations for flight attendants. The have found, the tariff Commission of the Ufo. “On our demand package was not received, several appointments were dropped and the ‘offer’ of Germanwings to part times does not allow for discharge and the compatibility of career and family,” said Ufo negotiator Sylvia De la Cruz, a message according to. “Therefore, nothing remains for us, as our interests in the context of a labor dispute to enforce.”

In the negotiations had suggested the Ufo claims to last a conciliation in accordance with the model of the Euro wings-mother Lufthansa, where, under the leadership of the Ex-SPD politician Matthias Platzeck solutions had been found. The Euro wings management had not seen in the short term in the location and merely communicated that it would examine the proposal, said the Union. By the afternoon, no commitment was made. The Ufo negotiator De la Cruz, accused the company, then a delay tactic.

No understanding in the case of Eurowings

Eurowings insisted, for its part, to the fact that you have offered to all open tariff issues to mediation. The flight was offered to attendants at a term of 39 months, the salary increases of an average of seven percent and a higher salary structure. The strike threat was, therefore, no understanding.

In the collective dispute, it goes to the salaries and working conditions of the approximately 400 flight attendants in Düsseldorf, seat of the German airline Eurowings GmbH, which operates 23 of 90 medium-range jets of the expanding Lufthansa cheap platform eurowings. It is unclear whether or not Ufo’s represented in the workforce, the majority, there is also the Confederation of German trade unions ver.di members organized.

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