Saturday, October 22, 2016

One out of every five workers has internally terminated already

German workers are frustrated: A survey internally has already terminated each of the Fifth and finished the Job, only the bare necessities.

this is the alarming result of a study published by the of funds and casualty insurers supported the Initiative health and work (IGA). Were interviewed personnel managers in companies. As the most important trigger for lost employee Engagement is a lack of appreciation, lack of participation, and unresolved conflicts.

impact can be dramatic

in addition to weaknesses in leadership, but can also trigger changes in the organization of an inner termination, in particular if these changes with staff cuts, and Work intensification go hand-in-hand, and through long periods of uncertainty marked behavior.

For the affected workers can have internal termination, significant health consequences, such as depression, Addiction and cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it can affect the inner termination of individual employees and a negative impact on the rest of the staff: Social relations deteriorate, there is more work for colleagues, and dissatisfaction among other employees.

For the study, were interviewed 381 personnel managers of large, medium and small companies. IGA is a co-operation of the Statutory accident insurance (DGUV), the health insurance companies BKK and AOK as well as the replacement funds Association, to, inter alia, the techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer and the DAK health.


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