Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wait for the green light for the merger: Deutsche Börse Roger – profit-rises – NEWS

Thursday, 27. October 2016

For the German stock exchange, merged with the London Stock Exchange, in view of the Brexit actually not rosy times to come. Nevertheless, the company’s sales and profit increases.


Chairman of the Board, Carsten is driving the transformation of the German stock exchange. The company announced to have a third of its share of trading platform Bats Global Markets for 86 million dollars loose. Already in June He had sold the U.S. options exchange ISE for $ 1.1 billion to the American competitor, Nasdaq. Of the for well over a year acting Chairman of the Board does not want to separate from the edge areas, in which Germany’s largest stock exchange operator is one of the leading providers in the world.

In the third quarter, the group merged with the London Stock Exchange (LSE), sales and profits continued to expand, despite a calming of the stock markets after the Brexit vote. Investors, in particular from the USA, had withdrawn after the British Referendum in June, the capital of Europe, said the German stock market in its quarterly report. The trading volume on the German stock market and at the derivatives exchange Eurex was, therefore, from July to the end of September, lower than in the prior-year period. At the time of the VW -exhaust gas scandal and Concerns about lower growth in China had caused large swings in the markets.

the Deutsche Börse expanded its net revenues in the third quarter, however, by one percent to 559 million euros, was due to the good development of the EEX energy exchange and the securities Depository Clearstream. In addition, the foreign exchange trading platform 360T has contributed to the result, the first heard since the fourth quarter of 2015 to the group. The special effects, adjusted operating profit (Ebit) rose by eight percent to 286 million euros, which is due, according to chief financial officer Gregor Pottmeyer on austerity measures. For the full year, the company reiterated from Eschborn, near Frankfurt, his goals. The net proceeds are expected to increase by five to ten percent, and adjusted operating profit by ten to 15 per cent.

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Through the sale of the Bats of shares, the German stock exchange, is expected in the fourth quarter, a special profit of 23 million euros. The company held prior to the sale of almost ten per cent of Bats. This is due to a participation of the Ex-subsidiary ISE in the company Direct Edge, which merged some time ago with Bats. And for Bats, the next big Deal on the Agenda now. The competitor CBOE has announced that by the end of September, to swallow Bats for $ 3.2 billion.

The German stock exchange needed for the planned merger with the LSE or even the green light by the regulatory authorities. The EU-Commission wants to take the 25 billion Euro merger under the microscope and has the time to March 2017. Then, the Hessian stock exchange must agree to the supervision. You just after the Brexit vote big problems is that the merged Mega-stock exchange will be located in the existing plans according to in London. The German stock exchange, therefore, according to insiders with the LSE about the creation of a duplicate headquarters and a relocation of the company headquarters in the EU.




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