Friday, October 21, 2016

Daimer brakes, Euro slides: the Dax wants to be the “4″ and “8″ – NEWS

Friday, 21. October 2016

Three days of climbing and the Dax-quotes, but the end of the week the tide turns, Instead of high for the year and break out of the sideways trend channel, it is again uncertainty.


the end of The week leaving investors on the German stock, the buying mood of the market. After three plus days in a row, the courses are in the course of trading into negative territory. A weak Euro but a larger slip, the discount is limited.

The Dax listed on the late afternoon of 0.2 per cent in the Minus 10.683 points. On Monday, he had fallen last, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he, in contrast, reported premiums. The MDax is positioned 0.4% easier: 21.317 counters. The TecDax is losing 0.4 percent to 1775.

it is Exciting, when the Dax should run in the direction of the 10.800 mark. Here is the futures market could fall into a buying compulsion and the leading index to a new high for the year.

“Between Draghi and Trump goes for the Dax, up and down, not too much,” commented Daniel Saurenz of Feingold Research. “If, however, the residual uncertainty regarding the US election, would be a small year-end rally in the absence of Alternatives. Looking for high-dividend companies with a strong business model are likely to be primary.”

foreign currency: Euro 1,09

support for the stock market from the weaker Euro: He recorded in the afternoon at 1,0880 Dollar 0.4 percent lower than in the Thursday evening. The low level is 1,0870 dollars. It’s the lowest level in seven months. The European Central Bank (ECB) has adopted on Thursday, the reference rate on 1,0980 dollars.

In the Forex trading is considered a U.S. interest rate hike as more likely. At the same time, statements by ECB chief Mario Draghi on Thursday pointed to a more relaxed interest rate policy in the Euro area. “He has not confirmed the fears” that it comes to drive Back the bond purchases, said Jim Vogel, interest rate strategist at FTN Financial: “The tone was not a threat to the long-term bond prices.”

Dax: Daimler and SAP Numbers

The focus in the Dax two single values, the numbers with a quarter of offer: Daimler and SAP. “Daimler is clearly convinced on the operational side,” says a market participant in an first evaluation to the third-quarter Figures. The group would have exceeded the high market expectations, with earnings per share of 2.43 expected 2,20 Euro. Sales were down as expected. This is no Surprise, as the dealer. “The operating result has completely convinced,” says n-tv stock market expert Marggraf. “The market expectations were very high, therefore, it comes to profit taking.” the Daimler to give 1.8 per cent.

SAP to draw, however, is 3.3 percent and thus, the biggest winner in the index. “In the Numbers, you can interpret everything,” says a market participant. The business is run, as expected, well, at best, Cloud subscriptions and Support had not met the high expectations. Another trader analyzes the Numbers as “in line”.

TecDax: Deal burst?

The Acquisition of the German 3D printer manufacturer, SLM Solutions by the US technology group General Electric (GE) threatens the. The Americans with parts, to extend the offer or change its terms and conditions. The hedge Fund Elliott of the U.S. Investor Paul E. Singer, has announced on Thursday that its shares will not be tendered. SLM from dropping more than 11 percent.

Europe: merger in the tobacco industry

British American Tobacco (BAT) working on the complete takeover of US rival Reynolds. The Deal has a volume of 47 billion dollars, and rating of Reynolds, with more than 80 billion dollars. He should come in status, the new company is place deer in the United States. the BAT to lay about 2 per cent, Reynolds in Europe, about 19 Prouent.

United States. Significant reductions

A strong Dollar and a weak Outlook from GE, the Wall Street charged to the end of the week. Microsoft support after submission of quarterly figures. The Dow-Jones-the Index opened 0.5 percent lower at 18.065 points. The broader S&P 500 is losing 0.4 percent to 2131 counter. The Nasdaq Composite drops 0.2 per cent to 5232.

General Electric has cut its forecast for the growth in sales in 2016. In addition, the profit was limited expectation. Reason, a weak trend in the Oil and Gas equipment. GE shares 2.3 percent. In the case of Microsoft the shops were, thanks in part to the increasingly important Cloud services better than expected. The shares climb 5.5 percent and 60,45 Dollar as expensive as never. Also, the Internet payment service Paypal grew sales in a surprisingly clear way. The shares rise 5.5 percent.

commodities: Oil price stable

The price of Oil shows the end of the week barely changed. A Barrel (159 litres) of North sea locations Brent 51,45 dollars. Which is 0.1 percent more than on Thursday evening. The price for a barrel of the American variety of WTI costs 0.5 percent more in 50,69 dollars.

On Thursday were to fall, Oil prices under significant pressure. On the market, this was explained by the broadly stronger Dollar. Crude oil is a dollar exchange rate to rise for many customers is more expensive because oil is traded in U.S. currency. A major reason for the strong Dollar, expectations that the US Central Bank could lift the end of the year its key interest rate. At the same time other major Central banks loose to hold its monetary policy, weighing on their currencies.

Asia: Easy haircuts

More about

The speculations of a rate hike in the US were to the week dominating the end of the end of the subject to the East Asian financial markets. There, they provide a slightly negative trend, the price movements in the indices

In Hong Kong, the traders were already on the way to the weekend, because there, because of the Typhoon Haima in the trade cancelled. The Tokyo Nikkei-Index fell 0.3 per cent to 17.185 points. In Sydney, it was time for the S&P/ASX200 is also down slightly. Also, the Shanghai Composite and South Korean Kospi recorded slight reductions.

days favorites were in Tokyo, export values, such as Nissan and Honda, which rose around 1 percent. the Mitsubishi Motors jumped more than 5 percent, further fueled by the fact that Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn will now also take on the Post of Chairman of the rival Mitsubishi Motors. Ghosn had done in the case of Renault and Nissan as a successful cost-lowering in a name. Nikon to pull a good 1 per cent, and Canon of 0.7 percent.

Steep downward it went for Nintendo. Here is the view to the next video game platform is disappointing, a portable hybrid device called a “Switch”. Analysts had expected, however, that Nintendo would instead focus on new software titles that run on the game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, or at least on smartphone devices, said traders.




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