Friday, October 21, 2016

Daimler dampens despite car sales records growth expectations – FOCUS Online

Friday, 21.10.2016, 12:19
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weak load for business car crosses the growth plans of Daimler .

After the car maker had taken because of the problems in North America in the spring, the expectations for its Truck division back, he adapted well to a renewed drop in Trucks sales and revenue planning for the entire group to the bottom. “The reason is the weakening demand in the most important Truck markets,” said chief financial officer Bodo Uebber is on Friday in Stuttgart. Daimler makes a good fifth of its sales with trucks.

In the well-running car, and it was after the renewed sales and profit record in the third quarter, however, confident to reach the goals they set for themselves, said Uebber. The profit forecast for the group – mainly thanks to the in the third quarter, particularly profitable Car division.

share price UNDER PRESSURE

On the stock exchange the balance sheet provided for a rate decrease of more than 2.5 percent. The analysts agreed that the quarterly results were better than expected.

However, for 2016, and expects that Daimler now only with the Proceeds “of the order” of the previous year’s value of about 150 billion euros. Previously, you had assumed a slight increase. The total vehicle sales of trucks and cars will be slightly above the year – earlier Daimler had expected a significant Plus. The profit forecast was, however, “despite volatile sales and financial markets,” said Uebber. In terms of operating profit, the group aims to a value slightly above the almost 14 billion euros from the previous year.

the car business is booming

While the revenues rose, thanks to booming sales of Cars and Vans in the third quarter compared to the previous year by four percent to 38.6 billion euros. The bottom line is that earned Daimler between July and September compared to the previous year, 13 percent more with Euro 2.7 billion. “Daimler has scored again in the third quarter’s record results,” said CEO Dieter Zetsche. The earnings before interest and taxes climbed, thanks to the hum-car division ends unexpectedly strong 10 per cent to 4.04 billion Euro.

The automaker recently made but especially the weak markets in the trucks to create business. The sales of Daimler Trucks broke in the third quarter by 19 percent to 7.9 billion, operating profit slumped 41 per cent. In North America, Daimler had cars with 31 400 vehicles, 20 000 load sold less.


In Brazil, where Daimler has forecast this year, a slump in the market of 25 percent, see it as if a ground had been found, said Uebber. But there is still no hard evidence. Also his expectations for the European market, the manufacturer takes back. “In Europe, we see high price pressure in the Truck market,” said Uebber. Under the weak demand could suffer in the first line workers. “We have a high degree of flexibility in the works and are able to adapt to the demand,” said Uebber.

Daimler’s car business shines, however, is undiminished, even if the manufacturer expects in the world, with a slightly weaker market development than in the past. The Dax-listed group had sold in the first nine months of 1.6 million cars – an increase of 12 percent. Thanks to the good sales of the sporty all-terrain vehicle and the new E-class made by Daimler with the return on sales – the share of the operating profit of the Revenue – a value of 11.8 percent and could have surpassed this target to its rivals Audi and BMW in the third quarter. NordLB Analyst Frank Schwope attributed to this balance sheet, Daimler reached its 2020 goal already this year: “In the race for the title of the largest premium manufacturer Mercedes is likely to remain-Benz this year in the front and for BMW to overtake,” he writes in a comment to the quarterly report.

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