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Mercedes X-class (2017): presentation – autobild.de

— 25.10.2016

VW has the Amarok, and now Mercedes is bringing a Lifestyle Pick-up on the market. Technology donor is Renault-Nissan. All Of The Info!

The most important facts about the Mercedes X-class in this article:

introduction: the competition for the VW Amarok

Video: Mercedes X-class (2017)

first Pick-up with a star

The gap of Lifestyle Pick-ups was occupied to date, at least in Germany by the VW Amarok. That’s about to change according to the will of the strategists at Mercedes starting in 2017. Then, the Stuttgart-based plan with the help of X-class large premium. 20 years after the first M-class, Mercedes a rise again in a new segment of the market. The internal responsibility of the new series is in the range of Mercedes Vans. Partners in this project, Renault-Nissan, with which Daimler is already implementing for the past five years, various projects. With a payload capacity under one ton, optional all-wheel drive and an extroverted Design, the Mercedes is fully committed to the Lifestyle card. Target markets for the X-class will be Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America – for the US, the new Benz is too small. Also, the market in Asia is likely to be due to the strict customs regulations and the high level of competition difficult. Built the X-class will be in Cordob a in Argentina and in Barcelona, Spain. Thus, there are also special versions for the different markets and their requirements can be produced.

interior design: Premium and newly developed dashboard

round air vents and a free-standing Monitor in the iPad-style of modern accents in the interior.

Especially in the interior, Mercedes is trying to be close to the Nissan-to-conceal platform brother with plenty of Premium trappings. Nubuck and kid leather in two colors, as well as a completely newly developed dashboard with aluminium grouped around instruments, a free-standing Monitor in the iPad-style, round air vents ensure a comfortable atmosphere. Also the steering is typical Mercedes: light, turn signal and wiper in the left-hand levers; to the right, there is nothing. The automatic sits to the selector lever on the center tunnel. These “tighter” arrangement found in the Designer suitable. Due to the double cabin as a single body, the basic version of the interior offers space for up to five people.

features: Comfortable suspension, and optional all-wheel drive

The ascender remains according to current information the study.

The Premium claim from the Cockpit including, Mercedes in terms of suspension tuning for comfort. The chassis with a sturdy steel profile ladder frame is consistent with the Navara and Alaskan: at the Front there’s a robust double-wishbone independent suspension, rear a-duty Five-link solid axle. However, Daimler widened the track – and not just due to wider wheels. And of course, everything is tuned finer than that of the Nissan. Mercedes speaks of a brand-typical driving comfort and high driving dynamics with exemplary levels of safety. Speaking of which: For tracking, a permanent all-wheel drive is optional on Board. Furthermore, a reduction gear and a manual full lock for the rear axle differential.

engines: Diesel-aggregates

on the motor side, nothing will be taken over by Renault-Nissan, instead of that Mercedes from the shelf. Announced are four – cylinder and V6 diesel engines. Thus, the Stuttgart-based account of the claim to consistent power delivery and high torque for efficient consumption values.


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