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Economy | ROUNDUP 3: U.S. judge agrees to VW-billion-a comparison, in the exhaust gas of … – IMAGE

(new: reactions of the Prime Minister, Because and Carb-Boss Nichols)

SAN FRANCISCO/BERLIN (Reuters) – Volkswagen <VOW3.ETR> can clear the thickest chunks of his “diesel gate”-the right loads in the USA out of the way. For hundreds of a civil action, judge Charles Breyer

The compromise was “fair, reasonable and adequate,” said Breyers court. The judge had already signaled at a hearing a week ago that he would give the green light. With Breyers blessing of the group can close the largest legal site in the United States, but the legal consequences of the diesel affair are not stood so still for a long time.

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VW <VOW3.ETR> CEO Matthias Müller welcomed the decision. “This is for us an important milestone on the way to the workup of the problem, we have created a long time ago,” he said on Tuesday evening at the official opening of the Digital Labs of VW in Berlin. “I am grateful to all those who have contributed to the fact that we have achieved this intermediate step. This gives us Confidence for the next few weeks. We have to reappraise some problems.”

expressed Similar lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil. “The decision by judge Breyer, Volkswagen has made an important step towards addressing the exhaust gas affair”, so Because. This step would surely have more to follow, but today was a clear progress in dealing with the Diesel-affair.

VW had in June with the U.S. government, and many diesel owners a compensation solution up to 14.7 billion dollars, later the sum was increased by agreement with US prosecutors and plaintiff car dealers. Breyer had approved the settlement in July, initially on a provisional Basis. In the case of U.S. customers, the compromise was met with broad approval. The vast majority has already registered to accept the offer.

VW offers in the US diesel owners, depending on the model type and year of construction between 5100 and 10 000 dollars per vehicle as compensation. In addition, the group to repurchase or conversion of the car has to offer in a legally compliant state. In Germany and other countries, is reluctant so far against comparable offerings. Worldwide, approximately eleven million Diesel are affected by the scandal.

The compromise is around 475 000 VW diesel wagon with 2.0-litre engines, which are equipped with Software to Trick the exhaust gas tests. VW had given the dizziness in September 2015, according to allegations by the U.S. environmental Agency EPA. For additional about 85 000 vehicles with a larger 3.0-Liter engines, the group is struggling however, to find a solution with the US authorities. In this matter, judge Breyer to 3 want. November detailed proposals.

The VW subsidiary Audi <NSU.ETR>, from the 3.0-Liter sourced engines, had to submit on Monday revised recall plans in the United States. An Audi spokesman, according to the documents, deadline were received. Because of the ongoing proceedings, the parties had silence, however, is initially still to the content agreed. Should it fail, the car technically convert, also threaten the larger vehicles, expensive buybacks. In addition, other consequences due to violations of environmental laws and criminal to threaten VW with legal Offense.

showed The US environmental authorities, who had brought the fraud case to the Public, in spite of the still unresolved problems with the 3.0-litre diesel car to be satisfied. The decision to send a clear message to protect the Public from Smog, said the head of the California environmental Agency Carb, Mary Nichols.


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