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Friday, 28.10.2016, 12:25
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thousands of passengers Were on Thursday still by the strike of flight attendants affected, returns the Lufthansa low-cost subsidiary Euro wings is now back to normal operation. What victims need to know the customer now.

After the one-day strike by the flight attendants the operation of the airline is Eurowings back in the normal range. The flights would take place as planned, said a spokesman for the Lufthansa low-cost subsidiary on Friday in Cologne, Germany.

On Thursday (27. October) were almost all intra-German flights. Also in Europe,-transport, there was significant disabilities.

Of a total of around 550 scheduled flights were canceled 400. What are the rights of affected customers?

1) Eurowings has to offer a replacement carriage

The airline customer needs to offer as soon as possible alternative transport. In the case of strike-related flight cancellations or significant delays, a flight may be rebooked to another flight. The Airline, however, can also offer other transport routes, if the destination via Bus or train is accessible. A plane moves by only a few hours, customers can wait until the flight operation will resume. The flight, however, is definitely or too late by more than five hours, you may give the Ticket back. Then it returns the money.

2) should The airline provide customers

the flight is postponed because of a strike, passengers under EU law, entitlement to food and drinks. Usually you will be given vouchers by the airline, or in the case of a package tour by the organizer. The flight is postponed to another day, must take over the Airline or the organizer of the Night in a Hotel.

3) passengers have no right to compensation

According to the current Supreme court jurisprudence is, in the case of a strike of force majeure. This means that travelers is entitled to no compensation, if the flight is cancelled or delayed over three hours. This applies under the condition that the Airline does everything in its Power to minimize the consequences of the strike.

4) In the case of a package tour, the price reduce

Miss package of rice at the end of the strike valuable holiday time, you may reduce the price of the trip. Because the organizer needs to meet its performance obligations. A customer is stuck for two days at the airport, not to the company of this obligation. In the case of short trips, the customer can withdraw under certain circumstances even be free of charge from the trip and his money back. Compensation for damages due to missed out on a place holiday time there is not.

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