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Fails the Ceta agreement to the Walloons? – Berliner Morgenpost

Belgian part of the country’s trade policy brings the EU to its knees. Canadian Minister travels frustrated ab

Fail the Ceta agreement to the Walloons?

As a Belgian Region, the free trade agreement with Canada brings to falter. Bewilderment at the EU summit in Brussels

Knut Pries

Brussels. What is Paul Magnette allow? A man, known only to connoisseurs of the Belgian political scene was familiar, is keeping Europe in suspense. The 45-year-old political scientist with the three-day beard shall serve for the socialist PS as Prime Minister of the southern Belgian Walloon region, and has become the standard-bearer of resistance to the unfettered world market. Magnette, and the vast majority of the regional Parliament to Namur refuse consent to the trade agreement between the EU and Canada (Ceta).

The contract next Thursday should be signed by the canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the EU-the Top of the solemnly – if all of the 28 EU governments agreed to it. Belgium Premier Charles Michel takes the blessing of the Walloon representatives of the people. Because of the complicated construction Plan of the Kingdom are the regions, the right of codecision. In addition to the Brussels Central Parliament, the chambers must agree to in the province. Nothing will come of it maybe. Canada’s trade Minister, Chrystia Freeland, had traveled specially to negotiate with the Magnette. On Friday afternoon, they were unnerved. “It seems that the EU is at the Moment in the position to conclude an international agreement with a country such as Canada and European values, and so well-disposed, and patient,” she explained her departure.

Magnette thumb lowers in spite of improvements

The EU Commission is not a definitive Failure of the negotiations. You don’t think the negotiations stop with the Walloon region for the end of the road to the signing of the agreement between the EU and Canada, it was the tormented optimistic from the Brussels authority.

the participants of The previously finished the Brussels EU summit, set to last on the legendary ability of the Belgians to the compromise. Parallel to the meeting of the EU heads of the ambassadors of the member States, prepared a paper, which should dispel the doubts of the Walloons. With very substantial representations. To adopt, for example, that Ceta parliaments and governments to prevent in any way the laws for the protection of the environment, the welfare state, or personal data. Or that the US can’t give the companies about a simple office address in Canada privileged access to the EU market.

But the Magnette lowered the thumb: “Insufficient”. On the summit of the gloomy comments made in the round: Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of “difficult conversations” and did not want to imagine a Failure at all. “It goes to the credibility of Europe,” warned the summit-Minister Donald Tusk. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, predicted: “If we are not able to complete this trade agreement with Canada, I don’t see how it’s possible, to arrange trade agreements with other Parts of the world.” Parliament President Martin Schulz said: “If individual regions to stop the progress of the EU, then we are in a very precarious condition.”

From the point of view of EU leaders, the Walloons of all the good spirits are leaving. Alone you stand, however, by no means. On Thursday, the 88 members of the European Parliament-Left, greens, social Democrats – sent the unruly Regional colleagues on a solidarity address: Stop! The FEDERAL government of Germany referred to three million active sympathizers.

The no to Ceta has become a matter of honor. And for the Magnette a tough political calculation, assumed his country man Philippe Lamberts, leader of the Green party in the EU Parliament: “has seen, how the social Democrats are lubricated with their neoliberal course anywhere.” So there is little room for the traditional compromise of tinkering. Because here is to show who has the guts to offer to maintain the impositions of international big corporations and their political henchmen of the forehead. It is a proud Position – and one that is difficult.

in The evening Magnette sought to limit damage. Progress had been possible, “the difficulties tend to at the time – because we needed a little more time”, she said, the VRT, the Walloon Minister-President in the transmitter. The had not been with the canadian side.

What exactly are the Walloons, however, is not easily recognizable. Ceta was “for agriculture and public service is dangerous,” says cloudy Elio di Rupo, party leader of Magnettes PS and earlier the Belgian head of government. Even otherwise, the reservations are quite global: It is a question of the special jurisdiction for disputes between States and investors that hold the Walloon deputies to be superfluous; and it is the General suspicion that Ceta is just the Trojan horse for Attacks by U.S. corporations.

The battle of the Walloons new sharpness in the duration of the conflict with the Flemings. Its flourishing economy, provides for over 90 percent of Belgian exports to Canada (with a volume of around two billion euros in the year), the Wallonie creates even ten percent. In Flanders, Regional-Premier Geert Bourgeois the course of the country people in the South not at all funny: “Apparently, the dear arms want to deliver to Saudi Arabia as the Apples and pears in Canada”-a reference to the business of the liège Armory FN Herstal, Walloon state. The efforts of Flanders, the backward Wallonia cut the cord, could give the process new food. One of the paradoxes of the Belgian political tangle that only the Flemish nationalism has caused with his Push for more independence for the regions were given in the constitutional reform of 2001, a Power in the trade policy, the EU is unable to solve the teeth.

not Much time left: the beginning of the week to open Canada’s Premier Justin Trudeau to Europe, on Wednesday in the EU Parliament. What about the beautiful plans, if the rebels of Namur, stand up goat-legged stay. For the time being, Premier Michel has to offer with only the information: “We have to respect the democracy in Belgium.”



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