Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bank scandal: the German Bank is threatening according to the report, cuts in the American business – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The German Bank for more serious consequences.

The German Bank is in danger of coming to an agreement in a dispute with the us Department of justice a report in the newspaper, it is clearly not only a money penalty. “Before it comes to an agreement with the Americans about a amount of the penalty payment, is a must, the money in the house, two other things are clear,” said an Insider of the “world on Sunday” according to the preliminary report. This drastic were reported after the end of Changes to the business model, according to the sheet.

“Changes in the business model and a penalty on the other hand, are often a condition of a settlement with the U.S. government,” said the Insider. Financial circles from go, according to the report, the Bank will give up a part of their highly speculative investment banking in the United States. Possible Changes — including staff reductions — expected to soon be announced. Still, however, unclear when the agreement with the American authorities. “This can go quickly or take some time,” it said. The Bank would not comment to the newspaper, according to the information.

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The Deutsche Bank Management Board chief John Cryan Ministry is currently negotiating with the American justice a penalty for windy real estate transactions in the years before the outbreak of the financial crisis. First, the Bank should pay $ 14 billion. Negotiations are now under way.

Jaber Albakr terror suspect commits suicide

The terror suspects Dschaber A. has taken a few days after his arrest, according to the authorities the life. The incident had occurred on Wednesday night in the prison of Leipzig, the Saxon Ministry of justice. No further details were first called on demand.

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