Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chiefs berating yourself: “testosterone wars” to become the Emperor’s going on – NEWS

Saturday, 15. October 2016

With mutual accusations, the heads of Tengelmann, Edeka and Rewe break off their negotiations about the future of the Emperor’s super markets. Of a “mess” at the expense of the employees. Nevertheless, the haggling continues.

After the failure of rescue talks for the supermarket chain Kaiser’s Tengelmann rival Rewe accuses the Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub “trickery”. Haub did, in turn, Rewe chief Alain Caparros responsible for ensuring that, so far, not a compromise of the competitors, Rewe, Edeka, Norma and Striking. “Mr. Caparros has made everything from the start to destroy the Deal,” said the Tengelmann owner of the “WAZ”.

Rewe chief Alain Caparros offered to companies under the mediation of Federal Economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel, a “last attempt”, insisted, however, on a Takeover, at least of Parts of the Kaiser’s Tengelmann by Rewe. Haub has now entrusted the management of the company, the first offers for parts of the supermarket chain and sought to engage with employee representatives in the social plan negotiations. He anticipates that will be able to find many stores and no buyers and thousands of employees will lose their Job. At the same time, the Tengelmann owner but a different solution would not continue. “I’m up to the last Minute for a friendly solution, the Kaiser’s Tengelmann, as a Whole, and hence all the jobs,” said Haub of the “West German General newspaper”. The time window was being closed only when the first branch was sold. This will take a few weeks.

The negotiations over the last few weeks had been a phony””, said Caparros, the “image”-newspaper. He had the suspicion that Haub with Edeka CEO Markus Mosa is “agreed”, what branch of the market leader will be solely at the destruction, without the requirements of the Ministerial approval. The Verdi convened round table was an “undignified spectacle”. “For the employees of this testosterone war of the chiefs is a real mess.”

Gabriel is intended to convey

the dispute between The supermarket chains escalated on Thursday evening: Tengelmann, Edeka and Rewe, the collapse of the talks was announced. Previously, Rewe had advertised again, this time to Kaiser’s Tengelmann itself as a Whole will take over and the other two companies alienated. They wanted to implement the business as originally planned, according to Ministerial approval, and Rewe gave the blame for the Failure of the talks.

Rewe CEO Caparros offered, “to start one last attempt”. As a prerequisite, he called in the “daily mirror” but that it is not Verdi, but a facilitator-guiding the crisis summit. This person had to “be with the competence and political authority”. Caparros Gabriel suggested.

The proposal did not comment on the Tengelmann group. Co-owner Haub had already announced on Thursday evening, for the branches in the Region North Rhine and the three Birkenhof meat works starting next week “expressions of interest in the market to obtain”. In Munich and Berlin, the “recovery phase should start delayed” time.

“horror scenario” for the economy

in Addition, officer Haub plan negotiations, the management Board of Kaiser’s Tengelmann thus, “in comprehensive Social”. The background is that in the case of a break-up for many stores, no buyer is found, and thus a number of Jobs are in the balance. Haub had already emphasised on several occasions that if a smashing half would lose, in the meantime, all 16,000 employees their jobs.

More about

The workforce was “devastated”, said the Chairman of the works Council of chain in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rainer Schroers, the “Ruhr Nachrichten” from Friday. “I’m offended. This is a horror scenario.”

the chief of the Kaiser’s-Tengelmann-works in Bavaria, Manfred Schick, responded disappointed. “You didn’t try everything in the negotiations on this so-called round table to find a for the employees and their jobs are a good solution,” he said in the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Verdi did not want to give lost the struggle for the rescue of Kaiser’s Tengelmann. The Union will put “even now all it can” to prevent the destruction, said a Board member Stefanie use Berger.




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