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Kaiser’s Tengelmann: When three are fighting, suffering, the other – RP ONLINE

Mülheim. What is to let employees to the future of Kaiser’s Tengelmann believe that if three Board leaders declare the negotiations a failure? Whoever the workforce the blame for a possible end to a supermarket chain – in a sense of responsibility in the Management, no one believes is likely. George winter

The mood is very low. The Manager seem to be the Emperor’to want to only give a Chance, if the other move, but just not you. Tengelmann claims, the renewed Rewe offer a complete takeover, is dubious. The Cologne would only want data on individual branches – an accusation that sounds like espionage. Edeka does not want to comment.

The Hamburger had declared on Thursday, Rewe have multiple appointments and no cartel offered legally safe solution. At Rewe, so it is called in trade circles, was angry at the competitors, because he wanted his consent to the division of the Emperor’s supposedly 250 million euros to buy. Otherwise, Edeka have only delayed the negotiations. Once again, recriminations.

agreement was almost perfect

they were almost in agreement. Edeka had suggested that Rewe should get the Emperor’s stores in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, Edeka those in Bavaria. Norma, also a Complainant against the Minister’s permission, get information from our editorial staff – 150 million euros on the part of Rewe and Edeka, Markant-group will be compensated by Rewe, and Tengelmann for their withdrawal of the complaint. A preliminary agreement, all of which have signed the agreement.

concerns that this could not possibly be in the desired line with the Minister’s permission, should have been wiped out – by whom, about the perception falls apart. The a say, Verdi chief Frank Bsirske have claimed this other Caparros as a doubt-disperser in memory. Why everyone wanted to believe in, appears to be neutral observers, eh veil. Anyway, sandy was suddenly back in gear, because some must be clear that the division of the Emperor’s not is to bring in two large packages, at a Minimum, in accordance with the Ministerial approval, which only provides for a sale of individual stores by Edeka as an exception.

Gabriel or Platzeck possible Mediator

however, says Caparros, he didn’t get any data to the Edeka offer a serious check. The opposition accuses him of, he didn’t want to have the individual data to see which branches for Rewe could be interesting – even those from Bavaria, although he should get the branches in North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. “Frivolous” is called a Tengelmann spokeswoman for Rewe-offer, “because Mr. Caparros is always promising stuff, but surely can’t be that these things are implemented”.

no Matter on which side one stands, given the heated atmosphere, one wonders how, once again, fruitful conversations to come. Rewe boss Alain Caparros has made an offer of talks (“but This is our last attempt”), and a Mediator is brought into play. This could be Sigmar Gabriel or the former SPD Chairman, Matthias Platzeck, said Caparros of our editors. It needs someone with competence and authority to be, that is the job description of the Rewe-heads for the intermediary function.

Gabriel said: “I think we also need to discuss once again the idea of whether or not a Mediator can help you”. After such Statements, one could almost get the idea that the characters would have discussed this possibility already.

Tengelmann-Chef still hopes to Ministerial approval,

In the case of Tengelmann boss Karl-Erivan Haub was on Friday of mediation in the first place (?) not the speech. “I’ve never once appealed to Rewe, Markant and Norma, to the Well-being of 16,000 people and their families about their economic interests and to pave the way for the Takeover by Edeka”, said Haub, who conjures up with such formulations, of course, the question of how it behaves because of its own social responsibility and its economic interests.

Probably would say Haub, he had borne the losses already 15 years. But that would not be created in the amount, if he would have invested, could return his opponent. In the meantime, the Tengelmann-Chef still hopes to Ministerial approval. And if not, then he wants to catch up next week expressions of interest, as it is called in business German.

Instead of conservation is so battered, if not a miracle happens – true to the Motto “Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise”. Where destruction is not away of all the human tragedies that are connected to it economically as easy as it sounds Haub. In the case of branches, which make up more than five million euros in sales, could be a Takeover also subject to notification to the cartel office, and then a delay in the process, he wants to avoid so badly threatens to beat again. The only feasible way: the Emperor’s so small that it goes without cartel office. That would be a very difficult way to go.


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