Monday, October 3, 2016

Two-thirds against state aid to German Bank – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The Deutsche Bank has had a turbulent week behind. The share price temporarily fell to less than 10 Euro, on Friday afternoon, rumors made the round that an agreement with the us Department of justice could be imminent and a penalty payment is significantly below the 14 billion dollars. This was also discussed whether the Deutsche Bank could get into difficulties and possibly with state money collected had to be. The Federal government and the Bank meadow, the pretty significantly.

you hit a nerve with the German. Want to save according to a new survey by the opinion research Institute Emnid for the German magazine “Focus” will not, that the German state, the German Bank, if necessary. More than two-thirds of Germans (69 percent) don’t want to.; only 24 per cent were in favour.

Who is Deutsche Bank?

the leadership of The German Bank will fly according to a report in the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper” in the coming week, according to Washington, the Bank’s chief John Cryan is probably already there, and there was also in the last week, the dispute with the justice Department to settle. It

The dramatic situation of the largest German money house has, meanwhile, also launched the industry on the Plan. Leading managers of large Dax-listed companies have confirmed to the F. A. S. the importance of the German Bank to the national economy. “German industry needs a German Bank that accompanies us into the world,” says BASF Chairman Jürgen Hambrecht. The nationality of the financiers also count in the globalized economy: “The power of non-games out there in the market are transparent, but they are there.”

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Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche says: “German banks are important for a strong German economy. This connection is tight. And will remain so." For such a large export nation like Germany, it would be bad, “if we could ensure access to the global capital markets only through banks in other countries,” added Eon CEO Johannes Teyssen. Its competitor, Peter Terium (RWE) is talking in the point, not otherwise.

Also from the policy with clear statements on the subject. “What we are experiencing currently, economic war, similar to the trains”, – said the Chairman of the economic Committee in the Bundestag, Peter Ramsauer, of the “world on Sunday”. In America there is a long Tradition of use occasion for trade, war-like skirmishes, if the use of the own economy. To extortionate claims for compensation were connected, as was seen in the case of the German Bank.

Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) practiced again sharp criticism of the German Bank, in view of the current problems . “I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, that the Bank, which has made the speculation gains to the business model, explained-now to the victims,” Gabriel said on Sunday evening on the flight to a visit to Tehran. He was referring to allegations from the Deutsche Bank, the company was the victim of speculators.

Gabriel made for the current crisis, the German Bank, however, past mistakes of the management. “The scenario is that thousands of people will lose their jobs. You now carry the responsibility for the madness that was operated by irresponsible managers", – said the Minister. On the question of possible state financial help, he said, his concern applies to so much of the Bank as to the loss of jobs.


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