Monday, October 3, 2016

Crew shortages at Partner Tuifly, Air Berlin, cancels eight flights to or from … – daily mirror

a Nasty Surprise for all those who had used the long weekend for a short trip: a number of flights in the holiday flyer Tuifly have been cancelled on Monday, or have had delays. Were particularly affected flights from and to Palma de Mallorca. Compounds of the Tuifly-partner, Air Berlin, were affected. Overall, on Monday 21 Air Berlin flights were cancelled due to crew shortages at Tuifly. “For the most part, we have provided replacement flights or have offered to our guests after possibility of alternative travel options,” said an Air Berlin spokeswoman to the daily mirror. “From and to Berlin, a total of eight flights had to be cancelled.”

A Tuifly spokesman spoke on Monday of occasional drawbacks, such as many flights and passengers were affected, the company said. Air Berlin is concerned, because the airline has leased 14 aircraft and Crew from Tuifly. The machines are externally distinguished from own aircraft. The Boeings will fly with Air Berlin Logo on the tail, the flight attendants of Air Berlin uniforms to wear, even though they are on the payroll of Tuifly.

In the case of Tuifly to make crew shortages for the problems. Obviously, numerous employees have called in sick – probably as a Protest against the upcoming total conversion in the company. Concerted action by the trade unions don’t stand behind it, said Nicoley Baublies, head of the flight attendants ‘ Union Ufo, the daily mirror. Also, the pilots ‘ Union Cockpit stressed to not have to be prompted for your members actions. “But many employees are afraid, and sick reports are an understandable reaction to it – fear leads to uncertainty, which may not allow a flight attendant in your Job,” believes Baublies.

in fact, Tuifly, Air Berlin and Air Berlin subsidiary Niki in front of great changes. According to industry sources, Tuifly, Niki, and a part of Air Berlin – the speech is of 35 machines in a new holding company to be incorporated, with its seat in Austria. In this company the Tuifly-mother, Tui and Air Berlin are to be involved-a major shareholder Etihad.

The tag is part of the efforts to Air Berlin, the second largest German airline, keep in front of the Bust. The lease agreement with Tuifly is not one of the problems of the Berlin society. The fee, which is Air Berlin pays to the holiday flyer for his services, industry experts, according to so high that the Deal for the Berlin is uneconomical. Different by the way the similar business, Air Berlin has agreed with Lufthansa. The crane company wants to take on up to 40 machines – in the Form of “Wet Lease”. Air Berlin provides the Crew, maintains and insures the plane and receives a lump sum of of the Lufthansa. This, as it is rumored in industry circles, but fixed in such a way that the business serves more Lufthansa, Air Berlin.

On the difficult times to come. Up to 1200 Jobs are under threat at Air Berlin. The employees of Tuifly in fear of their working conditions, if your company operates under an Austrian roof. What about the collective agreements, what about the jobs? The uncertainty, as it is called in industry circles, is large. Therefore, it is no wonder that the staff put a sign, and the sick are increasing in number. Reports that the Tui-Management for the employees according to the current state of the Negotiations, a kind of inventory to have protection and that the existing tariff structure for Tuifly employees to apply, do not seem to believe the employees.

The suffering of the passengers. On the Internet, Air Berlin, can read customers, if your flight is affected. “Guests whose flight is part of a package tour, are asked to contact the respective tour operator or the travel Agency,” said a spokeswoman on request.


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